My First Look at the New FERRARI SF90 STRADALE!

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Let’s take a close look at the brand new Ferrari SF90 Stradale! It’s Ferrari’s first series production hybrid, boasting 1,000hp with a hybrid V8 setup, and with an entirely new dashboard and driving modes for the driver. Join me now though to discover the car in detail and even have a sound check from that new engine!

The Ferrari SF90 Stradale stands for Scuderia Ferrari 90th anniversary and Stradale – the Italian word for road. With an enlarged 4.0l TT V8 making almost 800hp and a little over 200hp coming from 3 electric motors for a total of 1000PS, it also is the first Ferrari to offer a front wheel drive set up with 15 miles of eDrive range running entirely electrically. On the exterior, the car also creates 380kg of downforce at 250km/h owing to aero that’s integrated into the bodywork. From a performance perspective, 0-100km/h is dispatched in just 2.5 seconds and it will go on to a top speed of 340km/h (211mph).

On the inside, the driver is greeted by a new 16″ curved display screen along with controls throughout with a new touch display interface. On the steering wheel are the options for Qualifying, Performance, Normal and eDrive modes, along with the traditional Manettino modes, now visually electrified in the display too. For the drive selector, the panel is created in the style of an old gated manual shifter, a positive nod to Ferraris of old.

The car is on display here at the brand new HR Owen Ferrari showroom in London’s Berkeley Square in Mayfair, where we can also explore the Monza SP1, the first member of the Icona series. For a quick tour as well, the showroom offers a lounge style facility for customers to experience the brand and to configure their future vehicles.

As a special bonus, we can also have a quick sound check and hear the new engine firing into life off the hybrid system and the grumbles of a few gentle blips too.

Initial impressions from my side are incredibly positive; knowing that the car comes in at under £400,000 it really is breathtaking performance offered at a price point that other marques haven’t really been able to content with up to this point. The times are exciting for Ferrari and the SF90 is a very intriguing vehicle that I cannot wait to drive in the future.

Be sure to check out HR Owen Ferrari on their page here:

Thanks for watching, Tim



Shmee150 says:

This is the brand new Ferrari SF90 Stradale and my first opportunity to take a look at it in detail! With a 1,000hp hybrid setup and an entirely new dashboard setup, join me to run through the details and even hear how that new engine sounds as a bonus to wrap things up! What do you think about the latest and greatest from Maranello?

Trace Render 666 ANDRAS says:

Sold 👍 Will take it in black , cream interior 😉

Marqueeexotic says:

I purchased that recently for 2.3mil

CBR 1000RR says:

That's seriously ugly as hell

Cody Reynolds says:

The first video I watched was when Josh Cartu picked up his F12 TDF and I fell in love with the car and became a fan of You’re channel. I may not ever be able to afford one but You make it seem like its right there. Keep up the great work Tim! You’ve got a great channel and a fan here. @Shmee150

Nils Martschin says:


Ferrari FANS says:

I say this is a really great car especially for the design improvements and power output. Ferrari always da BEST!!!!🐎🔥🔥🔥🔥

Mohammed Ali says:

an ugly Ferrari surprisingly !!

Carson Scannell says:

How can you put this car in neutral and parking mode? I saw no buttons for that!

Koasizm World says:

thats what Ferrari should have released instead of the La Fa, bit late..

Koasizm World says:

wow the price is so low! that means Ferrari is loosing the game…

Sam Heine says:

This looks like a 2000 Pontiac Firebird. A car ahead of it's time. RIP Pontiac.

Dev. says:

15:20, that's just sick

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