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My SLS AMG Black Series meets the latest member of the family, the brand new AMG GT Black Series, for the first time! The game has moved on, and the 6th car from AMG to wear the Black Series badge is brutal to the highest degree, and with the AMG GT3 present too, we can see exactly how beastly it is.

It’s no secret that I’ve been a big fan of the AMG GT model; having owned the GT R, GT R Pro and very soon the GT R Roadster. Combining that with my dream addition to the garage of the SLS AMG Black Series, I’ve been waiting for the arrival of the new AMG GT Black Series for a long time. After taking a first look at the brand new model in a visit to Affalterbach, it’s a truly special opportunity that for the first time the new car sits alongside its ancestor, my Mystic Blue SLS BS has the honours.

Joining the line-up as well we also have the AMG GT3 racecar, from which the GT Black Series derives many elements including the aerodynamics and cooling, as well as visual cues like the front grille. Seeing them side by side gives a real sense of quite how brutal and aggressive the new Black Series really is, while seeing exactly what has translated over.

After a short drive onboard the SLS BS to the facility housing the GT BS, let’s take a look at the cars together, an opportunity for me to dream as to how my garage might look in future if I’m lucky enough to get an allocation.

Thanks for watching, Tim



gabs cool room says:

I have the model sls black series from minichamps

Travis Quartz says:

The AMG GT black series looks like perfection to me, would not change a thing on it except maybe an ecu tune depending on how much they left on the table

keraman bin mohamad iemansah says:


Alan L. Jones says:

Hi. Coupe or Roadster? Thank you

Carlos Freire says:

Will you get a P One Edition?

Steve Hines says:

This is pretty cool but I hope Tim is still considering a Mustang GT500 😎

Sizwe Sikhosana says:

Think the original colour on the wheels was better then the silver

Cars And Guitars says:

I thought dodge canceled the viper acr. Lol

maY says:

What is it with car companies ruining their car's front designs recently?
– The new Golf looks odd
– The Supras nose is ugly compaired to the nice nose Toyota gave to the Corolla and stuff
– The AMG GT looks like an ugly fish since the facelift
– BMW making their kidneys huge as hell
– 720S was kinda weird when it first came out – i got used to it by now

Mark Acevedo says:

Man Shmee works i don't think that's highlighted enough. always a video available, always content, every day. That is seriously commendable. As for the car, I know the new gt black is gonna be incredible around track and refinement compared to the old car, but the old car still looks more special to me, even if not as aggressive. Plus, gullwing doors

Bernd Schneider says:

As one can see that the new design is better than the old SLS design it´s time for a new gull wing on the market.

Ryan Batley says:

GT Blackseries wing on the Blackseries SLS

David Brown says:

Nice video Tim! Certainly a lot of momentum building up recently! Marvellous! 👍👍🏁

Andy Nischen says:


Gav n Toby messing on says:

Hi, I’m at the Nurburgring with my son and we past you in the GT, any chance we can get a photo with it??

Klaasvaak Vaak says:

why you dont leave it the collor you get it it was stunning

Klaasvaak Vaak says:

Your weels dont are good men!! sorry black looks more better for your paint

Carl Lamb says:

All 3 are stunning cars and I personally don’t like Mercedes but I like these three 🤪🤪

Amy Coulson says:

Yea u always say hi guys I’m shames150

jonathan g says:

Ok. Great stuff, but could you maybe start using other words besides "epic" or "mega'. Try fantastic – tremendous – great – wonderful – amazing – etc. 🤪🤪

connor w says:

How come u live in Germany now ??

Ted 63 says:

You Should Get That AMG GT Black Series In The Future

George Rowe 111 says:

Raz should've been there with the C63 Black series

Ivana Notyers says:

Methinks………………… “yes” : )

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