My Lamborghini Aventador S has WOW Factor! FULL Chrome Red Wrap Video

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I loved my Lamborghini Aventador S already when I picked up my new car from Lamborghini London. BUT, now I have wrapped it Chrome Red with Satin Black roof, tinted windows, Gloss Black wheels with matching Red calipers, smoked rear plate and lights plus sticky front plate AND my branding of course…. I ABSOLUTELY love it! It now has that personal customised touch and that WOW Factor I’m always looking for… I could’ve cried! (note: ‘wow factor’ is completely subjective)

Who noticed I wore an outfit to match for the outro?!?

This is an extension of the previous reveal video. We had a lot of complaints about it being too short, not showing enough end shots, close ups or colour shots of the Lambo being wrapped. So here it is, with a few comments from the team who do all the real work.

‘Yianni’s New Lamborghini Aventador S wrapped … ?’

Link to this video:

The ‘Collecting My New Lamborghini’ Video

From Showroom to Workshop – 24hrs Later

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