My McLaren Senna FLAT OUT at the Nurburgring!

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My McLaren Senna at the Nürburgring, what an insane experience! I’m back on the Ring, this time with the ultimate Shmeemobile to put the foot down for some laps and soak up the madness of the experience. It’s a different level of performance, and an incredible place to drive, I’m still trying to process it all!

For the first time, I’ve finally been able to bring McLaren Senna over from the UK with my AMG G63 in a trailer that I rented from Barwell Trailers. This had been the plan from over a year ago when I ordered the G63 and gave it the Topaz Skin to match the spec of the Senna, but finally after many delays with the Senna incident, winter and the virus, it’s time for an epic adventure.

The first stop is of course returning to the Nürburgring Nordschleife, having recently completed many laps between my SLS Black Series, AMG GT R Pro, Ford GT, and also driving a modified Supra, modified M2 CS and Robert Mitchell’s 488 Pista. This time out though, it’s with a big-gun, the McLaren Senna, one of the most ultimate in road-legal track cars and one that’s right at home for the famous loop in the Eifel Mountains.

My first Senna outing at the Ring came last year, however it’s safe to say that with the recent laps under my belt, I now have a much better idea of which way things go and where to use some of the performance. To make things even better, the Touristenfahrten session even offers the full N24 loop including both the Grand-Prix Strecke and Nordschleife connected together, quite a rare opportunity for a longer driver.

Of course, the Senna does not disappoint, it offers blistering performance, immense acceleration, and brutal grip at any point. With the public toll road rules and a busy piece of tarmac it’s not a flat out race or timed lap as it’s TF, but an opportunity to experience and get a feel for what it offers, and my word that’s a lot!

Awesome thumbnail pic from Ring-Race-Shoot, be sure to check out pics of your laps and GP sessions at as well!

Thanks for watching, Tim



Shmee150 says:

The Senna was built to be drive, and the Nürburgring is the perfect place for it! Having done a lot of laps recently, this time it's the ultimate Shmeemobile to experience insane levels of performance. Which car should I bring next?!

The_One_Titan says:

Imagine being in you affordable track car that you made youself through mods only to get passed by a Senna

Xto says:

Pretty good drive mate.

Truck Powerr says:

Tim Thanks for Driving the cars on the max off you're abillity wel Done!!

Apoc says:

you should wear a helmet

Purified State says:

The Senna was feeling right at home

Smeggy says:

Funny the way he cuts the video a little when he makes a mistake.

Alex Carrausse says:

Says he's going to be cautious.
30 seconds latter : hammers down! 🤣

Robert Banks says:

Where's your frickin helment?

KingofKingz428 says:

3:47 I see the g wagon 😁 lol

Neo Khesa says:

You sir, are an unbelievably talented helmsman. In another life you could have been a professional racing driver, I cant believe you took this track anywhere near flat out

D4NK says:

I'm feeling blessed seeing how much you enjoys senna, cheers mate!

Mickehd00d says:

21:30 And this just proves that you actually deserve this car. Pushing it to the absolute limit, being so impressed by it that you just have no words. I don't think there was a single moment on this track when you weren't grinning from cheek to cheek.

Gerry Freeman says:

seeing this thing baring down on you' in your rear view mirror' is intimidating

Kevin S. says:

whatever is in the car that's buzzing is very aggravating

Luan Nguyen says:

My dream car is actually the G63. The new version with touch screens and latest tech definitely makes it worth someone's while to own.

Evan Boyle says:

Me being used to American you tubers thinking that this man was going 270 mph not kph 😞

Zaidh Choudhry says:

This man is incredibly wealthy.

Hunter says:

"this thing actually pulls" lol I'd hope so for that kind of money.

Marcelo Julião says:

Is the senna much faster than the Ford GT?

Heri Eystberg says:

So, who is this guy, how can he afford that car, why does he have 2+ million followers?

HOTWINGZ786 says:

The way the Porsche was pulling away………. Incredible

Richie says:

I want to see the Devil 16 go round here. It would probably do it in around 2 minutes flat

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