Need For Speed Heat – Unreleased Lamborghini Aventador K.S Edition

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Gameplay of the unreleased Lamborghini Aventador S Khyzyl Saleem Edition in Need For Speed Heat that was added in the game files on the January Update. And it features a really big Wang! Performance wise is the same as the normal Lamborghini Aventador S Coupe, which is terrible.

Thanks to GZILLA for letting me showcase this mod!

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0:07 – Lamborghini Aventador Khyzyl Saleem Edition
1:31 – Cross Mountains Sprint (Day Race)
5:46 – Discovery C (Night Race)

NFS World Race 1
NFS Carbon – Ekstrak Hard Drivers Race Mix

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IsuckAtDriving says:

More unreleased content here!

Billxtc says:

the exaust sound sounds like a broken headphone jack

Trailers Update says:

the view is bad u can't really see the road…

Andre Pogi says:

2:38 did the camera just bump in the rear of the car?

vladoz says:

5:30 звук у водилы кирпичи посыпались )

Fist Power says:

Wtf is that car

工地Nucleushope631 - ace says:

2019 can you run nfs heat
2020 can you run roblox ?

Peace & Quiet says:

I call it bold and brash
More like belongs in the trash

marmik kale says:

that looks sick

peterpumpkineater 69 says:

The s roadster is always my favorite I like it a lot for some reason also the DB11 dlc

Dilu Gamer says:

Really nice game

prowlerpunk says:

Please upload the view of you playing/driving this car when drifting… That's some amazing control in corners..
Please I want to see it to believe it

ZRW says:

I cant believe that the designer actually thought this looked good. Literally is one of the worst cars i’ve ever seen.

leandro_FC_ says:

The car is farting all the time

Christopher Parsons says:

…..Its to fast. Pointless.

Mr.LukaG says:

I like the design but I don't like the front of it

Hasnain khan says:

Inspired from cockroach

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