Need For Speed Payback – LV399 Pagani Huayra BC, Possibly the 3rd fastest race spec car

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Fully Upgraded Level 399 978HP Pagani Huayra BC gameplay for Need For Speed Payback. Showcasing it’s overall performance in 3 events. The speed cards/upgrades of the Huayra BC is shown at the end of the video. Played with keyboard and manual transmission.

0:07 – Bridge Trial, Time Trial
3:05 – Mountain Run, Sprint Race
5:06 – Ember Valley Showdown, Sprint Race
8:44 – Performance, Stats and Speed Cards

Pagani Huayra BC Race Spec Performance review:
Keep in mind I have not driven all lv399 cars yet in Mountain Run, but so far this is the 3rd fastest car I’ve driven and it’s handling has all the lovely “Carrera RSR” handling and features that makes it a strong car.

Acceleration is strong, so as NOS power, almost equal but a little tiny bit weaker compared to the Carrera RSR. It’s handling is one of the best in the game which has high drifting speed, angle and exit speed after drifting. It also has high base top speed too, having almost no speed perks and brands, it’s equal to my Carrera RSR’s build with speed brand bonuses and perks. It’s quite planted too with good downforce despite running on the lowest downforce settings (1 tick from lowest).

Of course there are a few tiny issues. The drift is a bit less responsive compared to the handling king Carrera RSR, but this could due to my build having no brake bonuses at all (RNGesus wasn’t nice to me). But perhaps my biggest complaint with the Huayra BC is it’s steering while gripping. It’s extremely responsive. Too sensitive to the point I had to run low steering sensitivity on the slider. It also loses quite a lot of speed from gripping, so you have to microdrift every corner. You can easily lose a lot of speed from it’s sensitive steering and high speed loss from gripping.

How does it compare with 911 RSR and Regera:
1 second slower than the 911 RSR which makes the Huayra the next biggest competitor to the OP duos. Ticks all the stats in terms of handling, acceleration and NOS power. If you want an alternative to compete against Regera/RSR dominated lobbies, this is the next alternative for you.

NFS IV – Bionic
Initial D – Power of Sound
NFS Carbon Composed Music – Crew Race 10
NFS Carbon – Tuner theme

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IsuckAtDriving (MSWGR) says:

Video length is…
Should that be my next lv399 car?

Bryan Pranata says:

that nfs carbon soundtrack tho

Matteo Censi says:

Do you use high or low downforce with the Huayra?

Blender Alien says:

No Crashes!
You are Good in driving.

jf dz says:

Look, I do not know if you're an uncle or an aunt, but you drive from fucking mother man and love your videos, it's amazing how you drive cars, make it seem easy to drive at those speeds and if that's not enough, change your gears, that I tell you the fucking master or the whore loves hahaha and happy new year … note: this I have put in the translator to pass it to English so if there is something that does not make sense is for the translator???

VegittoSSJ Blue says:

Chidori builds?

Kirbyex7 says:

Ahh My favorite car in the game.

Viggo Farbe r says:

I have money for all the cars in the game which shall i buy?

Hamza Ahmed says:

Regea horsepower-15,00?


The Fastest Cars in NFS such as:
1. Koeneisegg AGERA RS 1490HP
4. MC LAREN P1 LM 1400HP
7. MC LAREN P1 950HP
10. FORD GT 650HP to 750HP

caleb_ kelley says:

Your drifting is outstanding???

vincent raymundo says:

hellish driving skills

Anonymous WolvenClaw says:

Wich Speed cars should i get the Pagani? Outlaw or Hextech?

John Washburn says:

I️ always love reading the feedback you give in the description. Definitely helps knowing their strengths and weaknesses. Thanks for uploading.

Truston Leong The Drift Pro says:

The Huayra BC sounds like a Mustang GT

iAmDaos says:


i'm sorry, ever since The Crew i've developed a severe allergy to this car! good to see it's not the single most OP car in this game too! this shit ruined high level performance class racing for me in The Crew!

Z4_ZzEl3GxN7zZ- T2PZ4XxionS says:


Rex Lim says:

Which car is number 1 and 2?

Brandon Robinson says:

Nice to know this since I already have it

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