Need For Speed: Rivals PC: Fully Upgraded Koenigsegg Agera One:1 Racer Gameplay

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Top Speed 281mph / 452 kmh
The Koenigsegg One:1 pack is a free DLC for Need For Speed Rivals and it’s available for all platforms. You must be level 21 or higher to obtain this car in the garage after downloading. It weights 1340 kilograms and has 1340 horsepower from a twin-turbocharged 5.0 litre V8. The car’s power output is equivalent to 1 megawatts which Koenigsegg claims is the world’s first megacar.

Need For Speed: Rivals PC 720p HD Fully Upgraded Koenigsegg Agera One:1 gameplay with keyboard. The Koenigsegg One:1 is a new and free DLC car from the recent NFS Rivals update. This video showcases the Koenigsegg One:1’s performance by completing Chapter 4 Apex Predators speed list after fully upgraded in 1 time trial, 1 interceptor event, 1 hot pursuit event and 1 race event.

0:06 – Koenigsegg One:1
2:39 – Keep Pushing Time Trial
6:06 – Burn Runner Interceptor
6:57 – High Stakes Hot Pursuit
9:28 – Gullwing Interstate Race
11:33 – Police Pursuit Chase

Performance stats after upgrading:
Top Speed: 10.0 – 10.0 (not upgradable)
Acceleration: 8.8 – 9.5
Control: 6.9 – 7.4
Strength: 4.2 – 5.2
Durability: 3.8 – 6.3

So a free Tier 4 car with ridiculous top speed. Yep, even more top speed than the Cop cars! I’ll just sum the car’s review. It has the best top speed and best turbo acceleration (previously was Huayra). Acceleration is great and the handling is surprisingly good. It sticks to the ground so well. However this car is a bit heavy at starting a drift and becomes light, similar to the Corvette Stingray’s handling. It’s recommended to let go throttle and do full brake to drift this car from extreme speeds, however the understeer is not as horrible as the Veneno’s horrible heaviness and understeer at high speeds. It’s handling is actually similar to the Agera R from the Cop side, it’s just slightly more heavy, but the heavy start drift followed by lightness characteristic is similar. And in a nutshell, with the insane top speed, acceleration and decent handling, this is an OP car for the Racer side, which I will rant about this car next.

EA/Ghost Game literally just blew the game balance with the release of this car. Based on performance, Racers have acceleration thanks to Turbo and Cops have incredible top speed. Now Turbo is actually quite overpowered, you could way to easily outrun Cops/players. Now this car has both acceleration and MORE top speed than Cops. What advantages will the Cops cars have?

Not only the Cop vs Racer balance is ruined, the Racer cars balanced is affected as well. Previously, it’s always Enzo Ferrari vs Pagani Huayra vs Mclaren P1, each of these 3 cars have it’s ups and downs. Now the Koenigsegg One:1 just blew all these 3 cars by miles. It’s understandable since Tier 2 cars, the Racer Cars top speed is capped around 238 – 242 mph with nitrous/turbo to maintain balance with Huayra an exception, and extra 10 mph makes quite a difference. Now they just add a car with 30 mph more top speed than Huayra. Now, go figure what cars you will see on speedwalls in the next few days.

This car should be Tier 5, end of story. If this car is in the Racer side, then bring the Venom GT and Veyron to Racers and make them Tier 5. For the Cops side, sorry but I don’t think there is hope to catch up this overpowered car. Even by increasing top speed and acceleration for the cop side, most players can’t even control the car in the first place.

They have sucessfully make a broken game even more broken. But hey, it’s a free car at least and not pay to win! Did I mentioned they copy and paste the Agera R’s handling onto this car?


Hipak - says:

what a beaiful

Darshan's Coding and Gaming says:

Your cracked at driving

saraswati gonal says:

Just remember guys, this guy plays on keyboard fr


Great video man…

transfactory says:

i use the stun mine and turbo on this for a get in fromt of everyone and cause chaos strategy that works to this car's strengths of speed

Tapan Walia says:

How you got this car in racer career.

Guigox says:

11:50 Damn, what a dodge…


obviously your clearly lying when you say i suck at driving / well done mate a good skill you have there.

علي مفرح says:


Rashi Kanodia says:

It is very difficult to control this game on ps4

Rashi Kanodia says:

Moment at 7:37 was op bro👍🏻💣

Kamdin says:

Rivals or payback?

Gemma Cabaluna says:

I love that car 🥰

Puneet Chari says:

After playing nfs heat, this game looks easier.

BLXXD7 T3AR says:

6:20 What kind of track?please throw it off

SANATH Rajesh says:

Miss this game. I could free roam for hours on end with the One:1 and not get bored.

C L says:

I like the game I play it on my PS3. The only thing is people they play thees game. Then when reality comes and they are actually driving down a real road the idiots drive like they are in a game. So to all you idiots that think real driving is like a video game Slow your Ass Down! When you really have to drive a car. Life is no video Game. And second chances are never guaranteed in real life.

Claudio Santana says:

How did you get the Koenigsegg Agera?

GREECE GATE 13 says:

How the hell you find this car?

Jaidyn Ignacio says:

How in the hello you get that car

i K x P z - says:

I didnt get the koenigsegg

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