New 2020 Bentley Flying Spur

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The New Bentley Flying Spur is the world’s fastest production car sedan with a top speed of 333km/h (207mph). I’m loving the shark teeth like headlights and the interior is super lux. Thanks for watching guys! Thoughts?

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IAP 438 says:

Looks that grill is best for barbique

Erza Khan K.K says:

I really really hate you

Erza Khan K.K says:

Blonde you honestly disgust me 😡

Stephen Alley says:

Supercar Blondie is the real life Elsa.

JR WOLFF says:

All bentley does is copy ROLLS ROYCE!!…

Aviral S says:

I like her, so pure she is. Angel

Alfredo Alvarez says:

She as horrible angle video shoots , I wanted to see more of the outside .

Shehan Kavinda says:

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theluxurythings says:

Its amazing!
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Kamal Singh says:

Who can not afford this car but watching without skipping

артемий запашный says:

i love you blondi, you great

Mayank Rai Gaming says:

Dosto plz mere channel ko bhi subscribe krdo @Mayank Rai Gaming 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Beeresh Budihal says:

One day i will buy it i loved it

Zack Galante says:

Why dont i find this woman pretty ? shes not attractive at all

Cosmo’s Happy Travels - Go Places says:

Worlds fastest sedan:

Tesla model S: am I a joke to you?!

GDD says:

Welp i am broke

funkystuff007 says:

In india it costs only 3 times more and gst ,road tax extra

moviesforheart says:

Did bentley copy the ecstacy stuff from Rolls Royce or Rolls Royce copied it?????

Cybrons says:

Dodge holds that title ma'am.

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