NEW 2021 Ferrari SF90 Stradale with 1000HP!!! Ride + REVS! V8 Sound!

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B. I. Collection – Ferrari Zurich
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Prometheus says:

Inspired in McLaren 765 lt

YKXZWX says:

It needs a Novitec touch 🇩🇪😏

Rui says:

The sound… Berk!!! Not good

footballcoreano says:

i love ferrari sf90 stradale

Teletubby Po says:

The back is ugly! 458 still the best looking v8

Musa Kalil says:


Eric In SF says:

Looks like a Corvette

Kimmie Acob says:

Looks like honda nsx 2020 x corvette. Still beautiful and fast!

MBonny02 says:

The most fast ass I've seen ever

João Wagner says:

Novitec save us plz

Hot dad says:

Not a very impressive sound

Victor says:

It’s far from pretty and far from good sounding but the performance is great.

Mathias Schuoler says:

Mini lieblings autos sind der Koenigsegg one:1 und der SF90. Das zeigt es mir nomal

Ahmad shani says:

Love Ferrari

Art says:

Pretty flashy and ugly Ferrari

Shnauz says:

Is it a supercar or a hypercard? The design is awesome I love it, but if it's supposed to be a hypercar I am a bit disappointed as the LaF is way better imo (look + sound)

Anderson C says:

Ferrari's IMHO no longer have their allure they did pre-TT. The new front headlights…the exhaust pipes in the bumper…YECK!!! So ugly. Ferrari's were once for me the "sexiest car…I'd buy if I won a lottery". Maybe the 488's. The made the "right" changes from a design perspective and they were still NA. Why buy a sports car if it's not NA?

Miguel Gutierrez says:

This for them silver spoon punks. This lame toy ain’t for me. I unappreciated this thing since I first seen it. Them ford fox body and Subaru got deals for days.

CatsRevenge says:

I wanna marry… that car. And make her my wife, right now.

Daze says:

Great car, but i don't like the idea of putting everything in digital screen it may look good, but feels terrible to operate. At least Engine Start should've done as a pressable button..

Abrªxªs says:

The exhaust is dead since the 458 master piece

Faruk Alam says:

Super car hittt

Zynex says:

Already my dream car

Mike, TheAnimated says:

Sounds better than I thought it would

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