NEW 330mph Jesko Absolut – The Fastest Car Koenigsegg Will EVER Make!

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This is the new Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut – the fastest hypercard that Koenigsegg will EVER make! The Absolut is an evolution of the Jesko with aerodynamic add-ons that lower its drag coefficient to 0.27 and redesigned suspension. The Jesko has a twin-turbocharged, 5.0-litre V8 engine that develops 1,603 horsepower and 1,106 pound-feet of torque! The Jesko is limited to 125 production cars and it’s up to the customer to decide if they want the high speed, low downforce Absolut version OR the more track focused Jesko pack.

Koenigsegg say the Jesko Absolut will be the fastest car they will ever make with a simulated top speed of 330mph!


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Rocky Sewcharan says:

Cristiaan von koenigsegg lets go to 532 Km/h .bugatti chiron: just whait for a secon

john noguer says:

In my estimation he is the most all round guy I have ever seen just pure genius he must be from eons in the future

Nae Catalin says:

Jesko Absolut vs Bugatti Pur Sport at Le Man's pls !

Ant Op says:

So where's the video of it doing 330mph?

Captain says:

Christian has one of the greatest smiles; he is a person who takes his passion and has such pure joy about what he does.

Gerry Aditya says:

11:45 the way he said the vanta black like anomaly does or maybe theyre just swedish xD

Joshua Dial says:

I couldn’t pick! I’d have both of them!!! When you dream, DREAM BIG!!!

Kyle Pointer says:


JWW: How fast will the car be?

Christian von Koenigsegg: Yes

Saurav Bakrania says:

Down to earth and gentleman. Not to forget a genius.

Les Flynn says:

This is indeed very impressive. I can't wait for one of the super wealthy US owners to do another Agera RS-type run on some desolate stretch of road in Nevada or Arizona.

KCJbomberFTW says:

What kind of shoes are these two wearing? Both are super stylish

Maia Kanoa says:

the dislikes r from bugatti

Maia Kanoa says:

egg car is back but stronger then ever

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