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New 480bhp TVR Griffith unveiled at Revival

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Get your first look at the new TVR 480bhp Griffith taking 70 years of TVR history to a new level. #gwsupercars

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Ed Shep says:

My dads friend is getting one

Nick B says:

does it have side airbag and side curtain (head) airbags as option?

Mike Morris says:

Rubbish video

misujerr says:

Car finally shown at 2:00. Sheesh…

Narciso Lusardi says:


Man O War says:

We all know the British can't make a reliable car to save their lives, but it is always great to see their cars in production.

g nartin says:

Meh. When this was first mooted TVR had produced some of the most stunning artworks in recent automotive history – the Griffith, Tuscan and then the savagely visceral but equally individual Sagaris. All smelt of TVR literally and spiritually but none suffered from the status quo fad-wank most car makers were dribbling on to their showroom floors at the time . TVR resurrected was to reset a decade of copycat angry-looking auto phallace and show us all what Gorgeous looks like – Pure and Simple. But instead we’re greeted with a bastardised, miffed-looking Marcos with all the disadvantages ICE brings (pollution, wars, that sort of thing) and none of the benefits of EV (you already know, you’re just in denial right now), which as we know is the future, not this orphan twice-removed relative of a beauty queen (DNA unverified). Give us back our pretty TVRs!

Peter Timowreef says:

Great, now TVR is just like the others, with tons of rancid marketing fluff.

Seadog. says:

I went to see it at Goodwood, I must say that a little average in looks for £90,000 + . The wheels are not a complement to the car . The exhaust noise I think will drive one mad over a long journey.. BUT there back.

joseph martinez says:

Excelente que bueno que TVR halla vuelto al mundo del motor? solo que hubiera gustado que tuviera mas potencia???

top21xoxo says:

This video is made by the prestigeous Goodwood Road and Racing Company. All you uneducated tasteless mongrels complaining about the video the music. All you bastards mentioning a certain GT86 in the same breath as this carbonfibre, Gordon Murray designed, Cosworth powered light British sportscar, go fuck off.

Jimmy Myers says:

Shame that with a Clean sheet of paper , they've made a Boring Styled TVR !! Have they never seen the other TVRs ??

Hans Von Weinerschnitzel says:

As long as it sounds amazing, doesn't break down and has the option of the Chromaflair paint, that's all that matters.

Tyler Malic says:

any chance this car goes gt3 and gt4 raceing in blancpan would chalinge raceing inclueing daytona sebring spa and le mans 24

Marine Boy says:

Very poor video

LILWagonBurner says:

anyone else think this looks like the ft-1 concept?

mugensamurai says:

Welcome back TVR it's been a long time.

Bill Dexhart says:

I am not convinced by the looks to be honest. It looks good, of course. But previous TVRs – in my humble opinion – managed to look far more elegant. This is a bit too aggressive for me. I don't think you can tell this is a TVR. If a new start up company of all electric cars told us that this is their new car, we wouldn't look twice at it. Too generic looking to my liking.

Sheldon Aubut says:

I too hated this video. With a lot of graphical ego leading up to a few seconds of the car, but… I easily found the "official video" and it is do oh so much better: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lk_-vnOoRMY

Ted Rosewall says:

Will they manufacture it with the classic TVR iridescent paint?!

Chris says:

video starts at 2:00 and ends at 2:10

Mac says:

Great work, well done TVR!

Spitz Tom Gizmo says:

TVR should make a limited run shooting brake variant ?

A Seba says:

Beautiful car, looks a bit like an 812 Superfast. Would be nice to have a better video showing more of the actual car tho 😡

chris sydenham says:

YES!!!!…It is, a TVR…. Les Edgar and team take a bow! Well happy with that. Congratulation.

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