NEW Aston Martin DBX! First Look At Aston's New SUV

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This is the new Aston Martin DBX! Aston’s first SUV powered by a new version of the characterful 4-litre, twin-turbocharged V8 engine found in DB11 and Vantage, DBX features an impressive output of 550hp and 700NM of torque, carefully tuned to meet the specific needs of this model. The Aston Martin DBX is a 4×4 built entirely on a bespoke platform creating class leading space in legroom, head room and boot capacity. In the UK the DBX will begin at £158,000, $189,900 in the USA and €193,500 in Germany…


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Brian Bloomfoeld says:

Please put the V12 engine into the DBX. The chassis is a good one.

Kiwi Dave says:

This market want luxury EVs now not Turbo V8s for the school run. No wonder Aston is in financial shit.

Lance Hondrade says:

Bames Nond’s having a stronk, call a Bondulance.

snowboardinpassout says:

Great review.

Chris Andy says:

106 years old company and nothing is left – looks like a Porsche Cayenne and an AMG V8 under the hood ☹️

Bibio Topch says:

Terrible sound………..

Y Hideit says:

No room in the back seats…..I'll pass.

Derek Turner says:

Future video, Lamborghini Urus and a Aston Martin DBX shoot out

Derek Turner says:

This car would make your boss really happy and you've got room for 3 kids mate

Derin Ocal says:

I didnt like the interior colour. I think ıt should be black or actually white

abousbsas says:

You R asshole really. You do the talking and don't demonstrate the car on the street. I don't need you I need the car talking instead of you

Indieshack says:

I appreciate the review. Perhaps it's one of those cars that is better in the flesh, but I'm not blown away by its looks – it looks like a Ford Fusion SUV attempt. For something approaching $200k that may be an issue. The plus side is that it doesn't stick out like a supercar and will probably be subject to less keying attempts…

Natthtikarn Si says:

Perfect Car for me!!!

Mark Geller says:

Looks like a lot of seat room in rear, but are you about 5'9 or 10" max?

Michael says:

Few brands so far were able to create crossovers or SUV's combining beauty and sportiness. Stelvio Q, Levante Trofeo, Macan, Urus and this are IMO the only models which have achieved that.

Mystic Man says:

The most important difference between the DBX, & other sports SUV's is the chassis's. Drive it hard alongside it's closest competitor's. Find out the difference's in handling. It should be more agile.

Albert Weedstein The Thug Genius says:

Looks like a fat ass bitch

Jon Smith says:

Ford fusion suv

Yair says:

The car is incredible but you need to stop talking too much

J Lelouch says:

But that car looks like a Mazda suv😅😅….

Dennis says:

Wow I did not know there could be an even uglier SUV than bentayga and cullinan. It is horrendous

Joan Casals says:

I don't know if I would get this over the Cayenne, both are beautiful honestly

Victor Tamini says:

13:12. Beautiful, just beautiful.

Victor Tamini says:

Absolutely beautiful! The only problem that I see with it is that people are going to roll a lot of miles on these, and it will have the same fate as the early Cayenne, lots and lots of expensive repair bills.

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