NEW Aston Martin Vanquish and AM-RB 003 – Aston’s Ferrari Killers? | Top Gear

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Aston Martin is quite open that it’s aiming its sights at Ferrari and McLaren with two new mid-engined supercars. Let Top Gear Magazine’s Jack Rix be your guide to Aston’s very fast future. Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos:

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M. Jackson says:

003 is bae.

Erfan Ali says:

When he said v6 i clicked off

Ali Karaman says:

Ferrari killers🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Green Toastr says:

woah those are beautiful. probably the two most beautiful modern cars i have ever seen. they look like the spiritual successors of the mclaren f1. mclaren needs to steal this designer

Dandy Chickens says:

I was lucky enough to see a aston martin one-77.

jorge boudet says:

Is the am rb003 a valhalla

Jonathan VL Thlamuanpuia says:

'ferrari killer' really?? Me still loves Ferrari laferrari!!

boombholenath says:

What??? A million + for farting V6 and the cheaper version has Alluminium body like wanabee Porsches or R8s, better buy a Huracan rwd and get it supercharged or buy 765LT, both using carbon fibre tubs for a fraction of price

Little B says:

Aston Martin: Ferrari Killers

Ferrari: Hold my Roma

Francisco Soriano says:

This vehicle has a twin turbo V6 and people were complaining about the Maserati MC20 having a twin turbo as well…Craziness!!!!

Avocado Jr says:

Valkyrie's children look stunning…

Xlm More says:

I Like The Side View Of The AM-RB 003 But I Don't Like Its Front View. And I Prefer The Blue Vanquish If I Could Own One.

Michael Joseph says:

Never going to make it to production

Andy Over Stress says:

Ferrari tutta la vita. Voi pagate per brexit che poi ne parliamo.

Pookytroll says:

cudos to AM, they really stepped up their game over the years

m k says:

I'm sorry, 5 years ago I would have slapped you if you'd say this but the vanquish is ugly

Royal Zak says:

Aston Marten be like: lets completely plagiarise the Zonda, nobody will notice

Brad Hardy says:

Sick of hearing about all the "track talk ".

Alex G. says:

always loved this BRAND !!! probably this is the reason why. .. probably i will never own one of these unless i will win one 🙂 but this is just next level 🙂 gg guys

James Hernandez says:

Face it u and I will never own this

Lineage2Ertheia says:

nice Mclaren clones

Jon L says:

By the time aston releases 1 hypercar mclaren will have 3…

Dante Fajardo says:

Obviously they are faster than the LaFerrari. They are newer. Technology is so fast.

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