New Aston Martin Vantage 2018 review – see why it IS worth £120,000!

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This is the all-new Aston Martin Vantage. Coming in at £120,000 and packing a twin-turbo AMG V8 engine, is this proof that the brute-force of German engineering can successfully combine with the elegance & guile of British craftsmanship? Join me as I take you through the speed test, show you how it performs on track, along with everything else you need to know.

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Kas says:

Aston Martin should really start building their own engines again, its a little bit disgraceful

Keir barber says:

The front lights look like a mazda:(

tejas panagar says:

It looks like catfish

Himanshu Bhumbla says:

the 1988 aston martin looks sooooooo much better

Alfie Howells says:

This man is dissing a beautiful 120,000 Aston Martin

AuroranSt0rm says:

9:05 Now I see where India gets its potholes on roads from, makes sense honestly.

Kausthubh Nair says:

I'd go with the second option i.e shark

3dgar 7eandro says:

Perfect car to pick up chicks and go around the track 😎😁🤩🤩🤩🙌👌👏

3dgar 7eandro says:

6:30 oh my those british soxs: perfect matching with the car😂🤣🤣🤣🙌👌👏…

3dgar 7eandro says:

The alcántara on the dash I don't like at all…😑😤😤

3dgar 7eandro says:


abdullah asim says:

this car is the best designed sports car ever

The art Of Scotland says:

It’s more Scotland than Britain why won’t we say the actual country because loads of people are gonna think that it’s England. It is Scottish Ian Callum

Juliusz Chojnacki says:

5:14 lol

Paul Nguyen says:

SO you're telling me that in a James-bond-type of car, you can't fit in your Walther PPK/Med-Kit in the gloves box ?

Zaid says:

Older engine the one made by jaguar were much better and sounded miles better

Adam Rawlings says:

And there's me thinking the paddle shifters on my Clio Trophy 220 were metal. Oh hang on.. Do your bl**dy research before slagging Renaults. Thanks

Jaylani Jilbran29 says:

Carcow give me car please

Jaylani Jilbran29 says:

Give me car i need car😭😭😭🤧

Jaylani Jilbran29 says:

I need dream car

Jaylani Jilbran29 says:


Jaylani Jilbran29 says:

You people good give me car🤧🤧

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