NEW Aston Martin Vantage Roadster: Road Review – INCREDIBLE Engine Sound | Carfection

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The new Aston Martin Vantage Roadster not only looks amazing it sounds phenomenal. Henry Catchpole took it out for a drive and turned some heads for this Carfection Road review in 4K
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Carfection says:

Is this the best looking Aston of the last 20 years?

John Smith says:

Again and again and again. Well, it is an Aston Martin so it's likely you'll have to do it regardless lol Such a beautiful car and I want it bad!

colin5577 says:

I think it looks fabulous, though I must confess that I prefer the original grille. Less elegant, maybe, but more distinctive and aggressive. I’ve driven the coupe and loved how challenging it was to hustle… I’m delighted to find thrills on offer at relatively sane speeds and the car certainly makes you keep your wits about you. I’ve no interest in one without a manual, but now that a 6 speed is available, I’m hoping to get something together with my local Aston dealer this year.

Business Guide says:

Keep posting interesting contents like this!

Andor Radnai says:

I wonder if Aston would be, putting enough money on the table, open to persuasion. Persuasion to put a manual into the convertible…

rhysenna says:

Aston Miatan with fake farty exhaust. Nah.

Juan Navarrete says:

those headlights destroy the look of the car.

Glorious Running Potato says:

the non bens v8 sounded way better

Makke says:

Shame that the EU models won't sound anything like this from factory 🙁

Kevin Lew says:

Looks like an exaggerated F-Type.

Phil Amato says:

Current Aston Martin lamps are horrible and they should have straight 6’s or v12’s, the previous models looked and sounded much better.

Thabiso R says:

This has Mazda vibes

Patthon Sirilim says:

Im gonna say it Aston copied mazda styling this thing looks exactly like big mx5 nd

Daniel W. says:

I really got boosebumps right now. It sounds gorgeous! Very pleasing review.

Obsidian says:

Crazy how we use to get the bad spec'd cars. Now, due to the emissions limitations in Europe (particulate filters?), we are at least getting the better sounding cars 🥳

DoubleDeckerAnton says:

It is great looking, but I still love the mid to late 90's Vantage 550/600 with its twin supercharged 5.3v8.

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