NEW Bentley Flying Spur – FIRST DRIVE Review!

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This is the new Bentley Flying Spur! Powered by a twin-turbocharged W12 engine, reworked for this generation. The 6.0-litre unit produces 626bhp and 664lb ft of torque, accelerating the car from 0-60mph in 3.7sec, 0.7sec faster than its predecessor. The top speed is 207mph. It is mated to an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission promised to deliver “smooth and refined acceleration, quicker gearshifts and improved fuel economy”.


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Josh 0579 says:

I think this is the best looking Bentley ever especially in that colour

Wei Jian Soh says:

What colour is this car in?

maxx1991 says:

This Bentley is the bomb

Leroy Brown says:

A great looking car.
Good review.

The Duelist says:

It's funny. The other night I was bored and looking at cars I like on YT – Bentley Mulsanne Speed. The next day I was at a stop light on a major highway and an older gentlemen rolled up in the right lane next to me in a grey one with five spoke wheels – what are the chances? I started to laugh and gave him a thumbs up and caught him checking out my car. The Mulsanne Speed is truely a gentlemen's riding carriage. I'm mixed about them writing Bentley across the back. The badge is suffice, I know what it is. 👍

KSofficial Arts says:

Why are the clips repeated in this channel as well as vehicle virgins
Which us original?

Morgan Hull says:


Michael Johnson says:

You demystified this car for me. I’m gonna get one in Jesus’ Name.

Mark Stelson says:

Bla bla bla …Continental GT bla bla bla …Continental GT. 🙂

Hilmy Emy says:

One in a million

Darryl Thompson says:

Bentley have outdone themselves again what a beautiful unique automobile I just wish that they make the Bentley bentayga bigger so it could go up against the Mercedes and the BMW big boy but by far the Bentley is the untouchable when it come to luxury you can’t touch the Bentley plus I’m so glad they not driving it like a race car like the other video great job driving like a luxury automobile and not a race car

Podge says:

I’m probably going to get lambasted for saying this but I’m still not sure about the front end styling. Rest of it is gorgeous though


Cinematography is better than car

Quoc Anh says:

Both Bentley and Rolls Royce reign the segment of luxury. Personally I prefer the Bentley

Sanghoon Lee says:

This looks so much better than Maybach or Rolls Royce. And it's a proper owner-driven car, not a limousine for backseat passengers.

Chaudhry Ali says:

207MPH, &, 664 lb.feet not NM"s, Porsche collaboration the door insulation and inhabitants relax making sprints, rear wheel steering, mode sport to comfort are more pronounced, proper luxury along baby comfort, active suspension, full size agile handling, sound deadening is on another level: like the proof ,👍

Frankly Speaking says:

Bentley. Without a doubt THE finest carmaker in the world. The Flying Spur has no competition

Lukas Murmann says:

This and the Aston Martin DBX is a two-car-dream-garage

Ali Ismail says:

Truly, a first-class motoring journalist. )

Jerome p says:

Wow the color of this car is just amazing

ren varghese says:

@mrjww What brand Eye glasses is it ?

Jonathan Raven says:

Absolutely beautiful car, the design changes from its predecessor has produced a striking car. BUT, the design is absolutely let down by the terrible grill.

Marcin Kasprzykowski says:

How much for this particular one?

Eduardo says:

I want that green pearl and I want it know ¡
It is my favorit vídeo within this year 2020, and my favorit car too.

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