NEW Bentley Flying Spur Review: A 207mph SUPERCAR For Grandparents? | 4K

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Rory Reid reviews the latest Bentley Flying Spur, a 207mph, 635hp luxury sports saloon that’s fast enough to dispatch supercars, yet comfortable enough to do incredibly long distances in.

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Full review:

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Peter John Ayton says:

Serious Presence – well put

Tech Time says:

who else saw the eggs attached to blue tack on the car at 9 mins

david wright says:

Citroen cv would do that over a ploughed field years ago!

Salim Patel says:

Great reviews Rory

Jack wu says:

“just remind you how successful and rich you are” lol

Phillyhorse says:

I seen one of these the other day I thought it was a Hyundai genesis

SandhoeFlyer says:

I am not bothered what he says, he has no standing no gravitas, he is not believable..thats me dropped out

James Donlolo says:

Your cars reviews are never boring !!!!
Excellent Job Rory

Jackie Taylor says:

Super awesome..

AMchou says:

I think in all respects this car can only be compared to a s63 amg.

Patator says:

There is Rolls and……. there is the rest, or shall we say the commoners. A Bentley will never be a Rolls! The rear of this thing looks very cheap.

Zahid Khan says:

Just shows what a mess top gear is in

Swetha Chowdary says:

Rory Reid your review is awesome. i am so amazed

Wayne Alford says:

Its a lovely car , but i dont get the big grills on these new cars

Kid Africa says:

There’s no way those eggs didn’t fall off because of physics👀

Gnostic Brian says:

"Physics defying" 207 miles per hour. Lazy, inaccurate cliche. Physics describes objects as massive as the Sun accelerating up to almost the speed of light – 186,000 miles PER SECOND.

The British Boat Guy says:

Great review, lovely car

Mark Mottershead says:

Awesome work, Rory, well done.

Pradda Gee says:

$170,000 and the grill is plastic lol

D Bennett says:

I absolutely hate the thumbnail you have used for this magnificent car.

Caar O Waar says:

can anybody let me know the music that starts at 10:20

Lil Vaseline says:

That jacket is fresh af

The Ashdey says:

4:05 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 That was BRILLIANT

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