NEW CAR DAY! My 'New' Aston Martin DBS V12 Manual!

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This is the Aston Martin DBS – the first modern classic to join the channel and one of my dream cars! The Aston Martin DBS is a 2008/2009 naturally aspirated V12 manual developing 510bhp – it was made instantly famous after featuring in the Daniel Craig James Bond film – Casino Royale – and I’ve loved it ever since! Growing up with my uncle embedded in the world of Aston Martin I’ve loved the brand from a very early age so, today is a very special day to be sharing with you!

The Aston Martin DBS is the first Modern Classic to be joining @TheProductionBunker garage on instagram – you can follow the account for exclusive updates!


TikTok: @MrJWW






Jim Graham says:

Are most of the people commenting in England? I have a 2009 manual trans in the US. I haven't run into another owner yet. I bought this one in 2014. Mine is Lightning Silver.

M Redmond says:

Congrats on this beauty. I think I’d prefer the grille silver or brushed Aluminum

Peter Jennings says:

Ummm boot lid is wre581gsm glass fibre st86 resin which is a 130c tg epoxy system… glass fibre was used for inner and outer as its radio transparent…gps antenna is in boot… i I worked on the development at SP systems/Gurit on the Isle of wight.

Bernard H says:

Gravel driveway, fields behind the fences, and an Aston Martin ..this is Britain at it's best… If you gamble right, it's all yours..

steve O says:

Put the front grill back to the brushed aluminum

Balance Spring says:

Yes, return the grill to brushed aluminum. The shape of that grill is one thing that makes an Aston an Aston no matter year or model, much like the flared headlights of a 911. Unless it's just the way it comes across on camera, the grill is completely hidden in all black.

philipcliffe says:

Totally agree. Prefer it over the current one.

timfromga says:

beautiful car! I Love the black grill

Deep hug says:

this man has a wonderful taste in car absolutely amazing spec

stephen jo says:

The DBS and GT3 are actually two dream cars of mine. They’re not obvious competitors but can you compare the experience of both?

James Mallison says:

Haha. I'd dread to think how much the Reg. Plate was 😂

James Hart says:

I hope you take it to Bamford Rose to tune her up

James Hart says:

100% replace to the steel front grille as this was made from a solid metal and not cheap plastic like the current DBS

Thomas Stalder says:

Better looking than the new Astons.

Sophdog says:

Don't dyno it. Why risk an engine blow-up for idle curiosity? Just drive it, look after it and enjoy it. The only time you should really hammer it is while escaping from supervillains et al.

HyperCar Dad says:

Sweet ride James, very sweet ….

DimSumDom says:

Beautiful. Congratulations James, another gem to the collection

The Cynical Afro says:

can't decide what is the best sounding car. DBS or Carrera GT or Lexus LFA. for years now guys!

Lennard Cappon says:

Such an amazing car. The grille returned to factory spec will finish it off though. For that real Aston DNA look 😍

chetan mohadikar says:

Mr JWW till 10.57 you kept on speaking why didn't you start the engine at some time I got bored but I believed there would be good in video. Your video was not good. It was 55% video.

Charles Shenton says:

A Shenton in stoke. I'm sure I must be related in some way !

Tunde Davies says:

Beautiful car, your a lucky man

KedlubenX says:

I would go dark aluminium for the grill and the vents. I also wouldn´t scratch the gear stick with my ring 😉

Neil Benton says:

Has to be possible the coolest car ever ! Big want !

Kyle Boulay says:

I’d go back to a silver grille! Beautiful, either way, though! Congrats!

troman5000 says:

Hell yes!!! Aston-Martin V-12 stick. Great car!!!

J308S says:

Brilliant video,the start is especially poignant.A true fan,enjoy your Aston.

Subarno Sinha says:

Yes plz, get the grille back to standard spec. Beautiful car. My dream Aston.

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