NEW Ferrari SF90 Stradale | Start Up + Driving + Sound + Carporn | Nurburgring

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bojidar opopopo says:

It looks like a japanese car, and sounds like a broken v6.. i prefer the superfast roaring beauty ( superfast for exemple)

Jimjum Buka says:

Idk…kinda looks like a LaFerrari got knocked up by a C7 corvette to me.

Digvijay Patil says:

Laferrari atleast looks like an hyper car this is just so 458

snoke2007 says:

what a masterpiece!

Jan Gabriel Reyes says:

2 beauties 🥰

Horacio Manuel Reyes Gonzalez Arratia says:

Am I the only one who hates the people driving supercars too slow? I mean, the Ferrari has 1000 hp and they drive it at 10 km / h, what a waste dude

Nicola Spada says:

Bad, horrible music. (…..… "music"?!?)

stefano rgh says:

Tutte cazzate nel titolo ,per far vedere il video,driving,Nurburgring!

Gym of simulation, Miscellaneous simulation says:

When the noise car comes out to be the protagonist, then the BB supporting role comes out, then it becomes a story. haha!!!!~~

Bryan Taylor says:

The styling looks more Japanese than Italian. No bueno.

Vadim Gis says:

Thats a nice corvette

Raul Castello says:

I bought one of them, in my dream last night

Yuji Marquez says:

name of the song?

Kiki Priono says:

What backsound song?

Hamzah says:

That rear end is ugly

Scott Silver says:

holy shit that music is bad, anyone else watch this on mute?

Akarmouss Ait Tizi says:

I really was thrilled by the Stradale ,first real hybrid from Ferrari but if we talk about design ,the tributo nailed and we are left with a sense of unsatisfaction now when we look at it.Its still beautiful but not like the F8.

Subandi Asep says:

Asli subandi asep si pengennya bukan vidio saya tunggu kedatangan nya siap berbicara baik

Subandi Asep says:

Bukan cuma vidio dari yotube

Subandi Asep says:

Buktin bapak bapak keren ganteng kesubandi asep bapak bapak ganteng perari keren bgt tu

Subandi Asep says:

Buktiin kalo di bagi ke subandi asep belum terima koncinya mana sini subandi asep ada di tanggerang baru indonesia melati mas gang hj nisan gople saya mau ganti gangnya subandi asep jendral muda

Fa Fa says:

Trecento mila euro di auto e gli specchietti chiusi a mano??

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