NEW Hennessey Venom F5: America's Latest Hypercar Sounds Like THUNDER | Carfection 4K

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The Hennessey Venom F5 is a true American Hypercar and Henry Catchpole gets up close and personal and brings you all the details. We also fire it up so you can hear the AWESOME ENGINE NOISE!

00:00 Intro
01:08 Front Exterior
06:00 Rear Exterior
08:50 Engine and Performance
11:39 Interior
16:18 NOISE!

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Carfection says:

This or the Lotus Evija? (By the way, stick around to the end of this film to see a full grown man almost jump out of his skin!)

pic18f452 says:

Cast iron pushrod engine, single clutch transmission.. feels like coming from the industrial revolution. Meanwhile koenigsegg doing a 3cylinder engine producing 600 hp. Single gear hybrid hypercar

RODley Pumpkins says:

For exhaust sound skip passed the British non sense to the very fuckin end. Last 30 seconds.

Holymoly s says:

The sound is nice BUT its too much

Ethan Williams says:

That startup definitely got the better of the presenter.

Samuel Szmajda says:

Great to see some Aussie engineering involved.

judgegixxer says:

Sounds like a 69' 302 DZ with the chambered exhaust on steroids. Love it.

Brian k says:

That thing is too tiny

Dylan Knudsen says:

At first glance it reminded me of the Saleen S7

Ivory Powell says:

'merica 🇺🇲💪

Zach Stevens says:

We need more American made hyper cars

Mark B says:

Typical american to claim that 100-200 is faster then 0-100. Such bs

Mark B says:

How can 0-200 be faster then 0-100 😂

Mark Dost says:


Daniel Downs says:

The Cams say, "Look at me, Look at me, Look at me, Look at me!"

James Walker says:

I love Texas so much.

Daniel murray says:

Jesko can go faster actually and looks way better

IDont LikeTraps says:

F5 went from the usual vrooooom start up you hear with most American V8s but then goes to a classic muscle wum wum wum wum

Skeptical Skeksis says:

He used cerakote on the exhaust! 😆
I love it. One of my AR15s is cerakoted lol. Now I can say it’s the stuff they use on super car exhaust.
He should have used nickel boron or NP3 on that big bore. Haha, nah not really.

Skeptical Skeksis says:

It’s pretty and it’s fast as all hell I’m sure. But you know what? The etching in the window that says, “Come and Take It”. That little detail just this my new favorite hypercar!
It’s just so damn American! Plus my own ideology falls right inline with that phrases connotations. 2A-4Life.

Chad Fuller says:

Further proof that the world are actually closeted America lovers. You can come out of that closet, folks. It's ok. 🇺🇲

C Little says:

Looks like he can sit on the roof

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