NEW Hennessey Venom F5 In Depth FIRST LOOK! 1817bhp 311mph+

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This is the new Hennesey Venom F5! A 1817hp 300mph+ hypercar designed and built entirely by Hennesey Performance from the ground up. Built around a carbon fibre monocoque and priced at $2.1 million dollars, just 24 ultra-exclusive versions of the Venom F5 will be produced with each example unique to its owner. The heart of the car is the Hennessey-built 6.6-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine named ‘Fury’, which delivers 1,817HP at 8,000rpm and packs 1,617Nm (1,193lb-ft) of torque.

The F5 aims to exceed 500kph (311mph) on a two-way validated speed run using a production specification car. The record attempt will be independently verified by the world-renowned experts from Racelogic using VBOX GPS data acquisition systems. Racelogic / VBOX engineers will be on site to install, test and calibrate the speed testing equipment in the F5 to ensure absolute accuracy and transparency. In addition, VBOX engineers will verify all test data and final speed numbers. The speed test will be attended by independent witnesses, media guests and F5 customers. GPS data and uninterrupted video footage will also be made publicly available following the speed test.

With the engine delivering such immense power, one of the challenges for the Hennessey engineers is how best to transfer the car’s colossal forces through its rear wheels to the ground. This is handled with precision by the car’s Motec controller, which will be calibrated for optimum power and traction control. In addition, five different drive modes (Sport, Track, Drag, Wet, F5) can be selected that alter the power delivery, traction and braking performance of the car. Only the top ‘F5’ mode will unlock the maximum available power.

The car’s huge 345 / 30 section 20-inch rear tyres provide a substantial contact patch to boost traction under acceleration and cornering. At the front, the 265 / 35 section front tyres are mounted on 19-inch wheels. Michelin will test its Cup Sport 2 tyres to ensure they can withstand the speeds and loads that the car will generate.


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Stefan Gebauer says:

what about crash trests if the Carbon Tub is so thin and they are only building 25 cars.

R Rod says:

Still a lotus exige underneath

Bo2diddly says:

No test drive on the track? 🙂

Jonathan Moxley says:

What shoes is he wearing those golden gooses or cream sambas ?

LinkoJL says:

So did they use the chassis of the Evija or not?

Steven Gohlke says:

All the other reviews look faked with stock press materials and CGI. Glad to see the car actually exists


? goúd?
Dat's me 🚗 bruv🤤👍🏽!!
Thx u 🙌🏽😤💀♎…

Erik Johansson says:

No doubt it will be fast! But from what I can see of the engine it looks like it is build with very few bespoke parts but rather with off the shelf high end performance ones! Give the price for the car I think you could expect a little more attention to detail and more in-house engineering!

S B says:

The best part is that it's made in Texas.

Dee Ryan says:

A tWiN tUrBo SuPrA cAn MaKe ThAt MuCh HoRsEpOwEr fOr UnDer 100k

DroneWolf Media says:

Looks sick! Shame it doesn't come with a dual clutch, but I'm sure whoever is lucky enough to own one doesn't mind all that much.
Well done Hennessy! 💪

Prince Bytor Frunobulax says:

Oh no…
Am I going to next have to watch a video of Steven Tyler backing one of these into a baby carriage? (pram)

Dan Wipper says:

At 300mph wind resistance is everything, want more speed lose the side mirrors and add cameras their cross section is about 100 fold smaller, lighter and would require less structure to support at speed. In fact the small pencil size mirrors could fold in after 250mph where they are no longer needed, nobody's behind you.

Tian 926 says:

Battle engine V8 :
-Mclaren P1 / Senna
-SSC Tuatara
-Hennessey Venom GT/F5

hp_overload says:

Wow Hennessy actually did it. I was skeptical.

paquitos hammer says:

What tires are these cars using to be honest I dont 6hi k the tire tech is there to be able to handle 311 miles an hour

Moreno Kristovan says:

Shit, that's 1.6kNm of torque?!
Damn if the Tesla roadster actually gets made, 😂 i wanna see a dyno getting destroyed by it's torque

antonio volpe says:

Why have side mirrors ???

Apocalypse says:

The Ford GT hit 300 mph but this looks to get there faster. No luggage space means it’s all about performance

Zack Seven says:

Wow a power to weight ratio of an F1 car.

Chris Hamilton says:

Born and bread in Texas, baby!

Gwent Champ says:

I wouldn't want to get into a fender bender with that. I'd imagine the bill would be rather expensive.

AMS says:

When an Enzo Ferrari and a Bugatti have a baby together

Dan Schultz says:

I'm out!!! Can't afford to lose the driver air bag insurance discount. Plus, I'm going to need to see the crash test rating/video.

Roy Bajan says:

I really see an automobile with no purpose

Huxxy says:

From a design point of view, it’s got a nice sharpness about it…which is why some of the carbon parts like the front splitter and rear diffuser wall thicknesses look strangely thick and blunt. It’s an incoherent visual design detail

Leonard Nose says:

“The new vehicle on the podium” -gta v lol

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