NEW Hennessey Venom F5 Is Going To The NURBURGRING!

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We have a chat with John Hennessey about the incredible Venom F5 a 1817bhp hypercar that is not only designed to operate over 300mph but also to operate as a great car on both road and track! In this interview John says he’s planning on taking the Venom F5 to some of the worlds greatest circuits – including the Nurburgring!


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Nolan Wolf says:

People forget that Hennessey has a terrible reputation and has screwed over a good chunk of customers.

תאמר קדמאני says:

Best of luck in your journey.

BeeseChurgler says:

It has to be a bright colour! The blue is so bland, the yellow is nice

Yeti8it says:

As much as I respect what they do , what abt the Tuatara hitting 300MPH …does that still stand ?

Slick Mike says:

The classic venom vipers are stunning even in 2020. Check them out

Sam Walling says:

I hope this car really does perform amazing. It looks insane and being a Houstonian, I’d love to see him succeed

Mikael Hedqvist says:


AZ7AI says:

watching mr.hennessey making history

Connor Wells says:

I live in sealy tx and I see these crazy cars every day

richystar2001 says:

Awesome car…I hope you build thousands of these…don't only build 100 of them…make this as iconic as the Countach.

Nic Stroud says:

I don't like the F5 with the yellow paintjob behind John.
The bonnet scoop looks childish, the lights look awkward and that A pillar looks wrong.
In the blue, gorgeous!

Scott Kennedy says:

What a beautiful design. I absolutely LOVE the idea of the door sill being removed from the access way into the cockpit of the car. That right there speaks VOLUMES of how much design engineering has been perfected in that core structure. Incredibly impressive already. Add in the fact that they have truly developed an “all roads, all traffic” intention for the cars final operation has me seriously excited to see what impressions are gathered from real world operation.

I wonder. Is Hennessy going to be the Koenig of the US?? We all know how that turned out with such wildly innovative design with otherworldly performance with a price tag to match that epic display of performance technology. Koenig just makes spectacular cars. I don’t make the comparison at all with the Bugatti because it’s SUCH a wildly different showcase and intention. Hopefully this new F5 attains world class craftsmanship and fully achieves its design intentions. But I also hope it comes at an attainable price that delivers enough profitability where it provides the ability to create a line up addition in the future that somewhat parallels the Chiron. It would definitely be a very cool thing to have a super/hyper car manufacturer right here in the US. Yes, we have our legendary American muscle cars that are UNDENIABLY cool and thrilling to say the least. And, periodically we get a few toes dipped into the super car game with the spaced out advancement of the Ford GT40. But a dedicated super/hyper car manufacturer right here in the US would be a very cool thing so I am EXTREMELY interested to see where this all goes in the coming years. Very cool for sure. 👍🏻😎👍🏻

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