New Hybrid Lamborghini Sian Exclusive Private Reveal

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I drive my new Lamborghini Urus with my wife onto the runway to fly on Enrique’s private jet with Rue from HR Owen Lamborghini to Bologna, Italy where we are picked up in a silver Lamborghini Urus and driven to a secret Lamborghini factory to see Enrique’s Lamborghini Sian FKP 37 in real life for the first time. I think I may be obsessed with Lamborghini.

Enrique does the first cold start on his Lamborghini Sian and gives her a little revving but I believe I’m the first one to touch his steering wheel! lol

This is a 1 of 63 Lamborghini Sian FKP 37, it’s the first Supercapacitor based Hybrid V12 engine and Enrique has the first order in the UK. We go over his spec which is full of carbon fibre, then fly straight back to London. What a life.

0:00 intro
0:40 Private Jet at airport
3:20 landing in Italy
3:37 arriving at private Lamborghini factory
4:21 Lamborghini Sian reveal
5:28 Sian first cold start and revving
5:58 Sian spec breakdown
7:37 flight home

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IG » @hrowenlamborghini

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:: THIS Lamborghini Sian Reveal VIDEO ::



The Truth says:

I know this upload is about the car but I just want to say what a stand up kind guy your friend is. Not all rich people are like that. May he be blessed with more abundance. 😊

J024 says:

I wish it was more Lambo and less GTAV.

Ahmad shani says:

Love Lamborghini

Mad Fly Sports says:

The guy is just a good dude. Good for him!!!

Youtube Shorts says:

There are only 63 of them and every car has different colour and this colour is so gooood

Saleha Noori says:

I feel like this dude owns all of the sians out there

Saleha Noori says:

I think a requirement to buy the car is to be a warlord

Arepeet 90 says:

Is it true that this man has 2 Sians?

Shadow Man says:

I wish every dear one to be kind and happy, so that the trip always ends with success and the desired result.

Osni Motta says:

Virei Amil e CAPOTEI!!

Ralf Maurer says:

Great Super car. The perfect fusion of marvelous design and engineering art. For less privileged people even the scaled version is very attractive. Have a look at

Dean Daka says:

Cannot wait to see it on carwow, doing some drags.

Christian R. Costa says:

Hahaha Brasileiro pagando de bilionário excêntrico e generoso… É cada uma…

Joni English says:

Tail Lights LOOK like a Copy OF a Chevy Camaro !!!!!!!!

Celina Victoria says:

This car is so beautiful in person, I've had the pleasure of seeing one of them, and holy shit, videos don't do it justice.

Amos Mwanzia says:

I have exactly like this one but black in colour

Corrado says:

A coisa mais linda nesse vídeo e o jatinho particular e o GPS 3d que visualizou as montanhas

Corrado says:

Cagada de carro ,nem de graça quero , não presta pra nada só ilusão , Caoa Chery Tiggo 2.0 prefero 1000 vezes um desse

Pedro Guilherme says:

Brasil 🇧🇷 parabéns Henrique Grossi, representando nosso país!

Thiago Noleto says:

this man is blessed, I'm Brazilian and I didn't even know the good has done for our country during the pandemic!!
fking fair play to him, gotta a new fan now!! much love.

Carlos Eduardo says:

Parabéns Henrique 👏

André Machado says:

Proud to be a Brazilian! Enrique you are the best!

Vinicius M says:

Esse é o comentário em português que voce estava procurando.

Parabéns Henrique !

Ragnarok Nefilins says:

Curto o seu trabalho

Spencer Geerlings says:

6:15 *less air resistant? 😜

Maurizio Pagani says:

Lamborghini Sian è favalosa ma un Lear Jet lo è di più.

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