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New Kia cee’d – Parallel Park Assist System

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http://www.kia.co.uk – The All-New Kia cee’d with 7 year warranty. http://www.kia.co.uk/newceed

Our clever Parallel Park Assist System (PPAS) with front and reversing sensors not
only finds a suitably sized car parking space for you, it even steers you into
it automatically – all you need to do is adjust your speed and change gears
when prompted.

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Issie wizzie says:

i want it to change gears …. fully automatic ..

apmirkin says:

saves scuffing the alloys… if it comes on the car, ill use it. i wouldn't buy it as an extra option though.

Sir Gawain says:

Must of been designed by a woman….  If you need this feature on a car you really should not be behind a wheel anyway!

Sergic Ivanov says:

Классная тёлка. Nice car!

TheChaChaka says:

That parking space was fricking huge anyway! I could have driven straight up and into it, one maneuver. Still I guess it's progress all the same, one day cars will drive themselves and our descendents will have evolved to have no legs.

lewis stevens says:

Would be cool if it automatically handbrake turned it into a parking space lol

ThePringles1990 says:

id hate it personally, i would allways think it would hit another car

Mark Thomas says:

Handy for when you really can't be bothered to drive properly.

ballisticsquirrell says:

Notice how its a woman driver who needs it

chris TheMan says:

perfect for my other half………. she is terrible at parking!

newbie20111 says:

Oh its good for newbie 🙂 Thanks kia

Mohd Najmi Rosdi says:

tools for lady driver.. LOL

jin37uk says:

wow that's a pretty cool system

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