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New Kia Cee’d – Which? first drive

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http://whi.ch/O4pAeV?utm_campaign=video_cars&utm_medium=video&utm_source=youtube_channel&utm_content=newkiaceed&utm_term=description The all-new Kia Cee’d, has been launched initially as a five-door hatchback only. Can it build on the qualities of the first-generation Cee’d and rival the VW Golf?

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Chris Younger says:

I can get about 50mpg extra-urban with the 133 petrol. Sometimes even 52 or 53.

MegaVector2011 says:

Who in their right mind would consider an auto box in this class of car? 0-60 counts for nothing, well realised….. eventually, torque is what it's all about. Silly review. Cancelling my Which subscription on the grounds that this guys review is generally inept, and he must be a contender for the most boring voice on youtube award.

Slovakianb0y says:

No the the warranty difference is not just the years !!!!! Kia gives you 7 year or 140 000km which ever comes first warranty hyundai gives you 5 year warranty with no mileage limitations

81giorikas says:

This reviewer is not a big fan of the black plastic look on the dash which is exactly the same with the golf's more expensive version trim isnt'it? How peculiar…

hyylo says:

the EU places huge taxes on companies in Europe therefore VW has less money to invest.

Taxes in Asia are less which explains why most companies have outsourced to Asia and why competitors like KIA and Hyundai have invested lots in quality.

Däne Fjordlùnd says:

How did Hyundai+Kia pull ahead of VW in terms of reliability…shows where VWs priorities are

garluns says:

that's a hairy mic on your neck, nice car too.

Dahlia Man says:

Before getting the Polo I test drove 9 cars, including the new Hyundai i30 and Kia Ceed (old model). The Ceed looked boring but was a superb drive. I think the new Ceed as here is a much better looking car than its sister, the i30.

Dahlia Man says:

Last week collected a new VW Polo 1.4 dsg and am delighted. I dont get a FIST option and cant say I'm unhappy about that, LOL!!!!!!!

Barbudo says:

Oh, how angry I am to see how Kia treats my market so poorly. Happy for my British mates, though. Enjoy this car. It is a great value.

Barbudo says:

It reminds me of the Ford Fiesta.

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