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New Lamborghini Aventador S review: is the big Lambo now a proper drivers car?

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Lamborghini Aventador S review
If the current Aventador was starting to feel a bit ancient around the edges, this sensational new S model comes fighting right back. On the move it makes giant steps forward, and on the eye it’s more beautiful than ever. But then at £277,000 before options you’d want it to be something special, and it is.

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Uzair Imtiaz says:

Sv is way way better

jugerknott09 says:

The ruined the front grill. It looks stuffy. Bad design!

Zak-Attack says:

I want one for my birthday

Mohd Othman Ridzuan says:

hi..ishare commandero plc n view do fly aeroplane , next for youy lama baru gh ni.. blu blu blub bblub, bahu bahu ang kote play auto lite man! at ro landing Man !(angkatan)

Xam Jan says:

Regardless of future changes they may bring to the Aventador, I just hope they keep the dashboard/instrument control board. It is unique and gives that cockpit feel. It is one of the features that I would have time to overlook if I were to be choosing between a Ferrari 488 and the Aventador, although the 488 has plenty to consider as well including the Trunk space and hard top convertible.

Oliver Lowe says:

Lamb or ghini?

Maximino Morelos says:

the model before looks better

howard says:

horrible sound, cackling like a smokers cough.

Patrick Heb says:

Next Year i hope

Ihab Aburabee' says:

I can't afford skoda and I'm watching Aventador review!?

Christiaan Windt says:

Can this dude just please take his mouth away from the mic when he takes a breath before he talks.

VoiD says:

Its sooooooooooooooooooooooooo Beautiful.

Dan says:

What's with the vampire teeth

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