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New Lexus LS 2018 review – finally better than a Mercedes S-Class?

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This is the all new Lexus LS. It’s got the style to stand out against the conservative looks of its German rivals, but does it have the substance to compete against the Audi A8, BMW 7 Series and Mercedes S-Class? I was invited to the launch to find out!

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brian david says:

Lexus won't break down like the Germans…

Greg Polkinghorne says:

Personally I like the current Lexus design language more than BMW and Audi. But I'm liking Mercedes the most.

JReid2K says:

Great looking interior

Kamadev888 says:

When wasn't it better than a Mercedes? Mercs were good quality until 1987. Lexus was great from 1990 onwards, with higher quality, better ride and luxury than Mercedes.

jo o says:

Not even close to benz lexus has to stop with over the top asian styles

Fayzeh Blasi says:

Welcome in Oman Sultanate … #ArabWorld

tischlerbmw21 says:

I like Lexus, they make nice reliable luxury cars, however in order to compete with a s class they need to offer more power-train options. If this was a benz, it would have a biturbo V8 as the base model, all the way up to a twin turbo V12.

abdullah shakir says:

Lexus is the best in reliability according to jd power and associates independent study. And Lexus is rank number one reliability from consumer reports the Germans cars are not even in the top 5

RyanDirusso says:

Decent car but a mercedes s 550 still shits on this

Allen Khirman says:

a lexus for £98,000 pounds?! That's $171,926.30 canadian dollars WTF

Jorge Garcia says:


Jash Rajan Modi says:

Is this oman

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