New MANUAL Aston Martin Vantage AMR – First Drive

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The Manual Aston Martin Vantage AMR is finally here! Since the first day I drove the new Vantage I felt this brilliant engine and chassis were crying out for a manual gearbox – and today is the first drive of exactly that! 7 speed, 3 pedals and a gearstick with a V8 engine – here’s what it’s like to drive…







Francisco Espírito-Santo says:

But why less torque?

Drifting Squirrel says:

100kg from gearbox, alloys and carbon ceramic brakes? That’s too much , no?

Chris in Utah Pagano says:

…so you're saying it's slippery out?

brian nipper says:

Keep the manual alive!

Petrolhead 005 says:

One of the best everyday sports cars you can buy. The fact that it's a manual gearbox and an Aston Martin just adds up to the appeal.

Val Os87 says:

This car manual???? Thats a dream come true they should defently make more of those!!

Paul Moraski says:

Does anyone know the exact color of the car he's driving? Is it Hyper Red?

david maris says:

I think this car is super underrated! What a beast in a suit.

HiddenWen says:

0:14 Looking a bit fish-eyed doesn't it lol.

noname180360 says:

This Car is the best!!

Jay Aaron says:

You’re sliding around because you’re running the wrong tires!!

Maro Vok says:

Why don’t you give one away ,you’ll get lots of subscribers…

Ominona says:

the wish list has just been updated

Summary: says:

What is the name of the exterior color?

Funky Monk says:

Aston bodywork,amg v8 and manual-perfect car?

mutasimsalah says:

AMG + Manual = future classic

WoRdPlay219 says:

Does this Car have cruise control ? And traction control ? Because I know manuals still have them

Jan Stephan says:

Dogleg rules!

Elyes Ladjimi says:

you talk too much !

Jared Mayer says:

This would have been THE perfect opportunity to stick the 5.2L V12 in the new Vantage!

Mk1Male says:

Those complaining about the look of the gear knob need to ask their girlfriend if it's about the look or the feel 🤣

Muriel Abanil Jr says:

It's diesel right?

Javedan Ali says:

Mustang killer!!!

RAYO X says:

Looks like Forza from the outside camera

Elmo Biles says:

that colour is incredible 😍

Max Bliss says:

7….? 6 is just fine and less is more.

Nick Kohlhafer says:

I Love The Aston Martin! 🐱🐱🐱

T A says:

Wow!! The quality of this video! Superb!

FUKU says:

i admit i didnt watch the whole video and skipped through… but were you not allowed to show the whole dash board? 😂 it seems so and its totally understandable 😉


Guys,the rival of the vette zr1 is here

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