NEW McLaren GT Review: Better than a Bentley?

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Rory Reid reviews the new McLaren GT, Woking’s first attempt at a proper grand tourer. It may look like a supercar, but it’s designed to be a car you can use every day. It’s fast, spacious, has a powered tailgate and an excellent interior. But is it as good as a Bentley Continental GT or Aston Martin DB11?

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Bronzebk says:

Wonderful, entertaining, informative & engrossing review… Subscribed.

Teddy C says:

Rory just put the groceries in the front 🙄

K South says:

Did he just leave behind his shopping?

Rayn Mee Vah says:

this is what i mean

stsohgessi says:

4:00 – Who knew a baguette could be so lethal.

Ivans Edde says:

this v8 sounds like a 4 cylinder engine

No Flex Zone says:

I would never own this car since you don’t easily have access to the engine.. Most services have to be performed at the dealer..

Edward Tilley says:

Nope, not buyin' it. Nothing screams small penis like road-tripping in a throaty bobsled …

Christian Rosæfontanus says:

Why didn't he put the groceries in the front? Looks like it would easily fit and driver/passenger would be safe from baguettes and coconuts.

huzaifa younus says:

Oh its a brown McLaren

Bojan Salmic says:

music is too loud and nervous …i hardly hear you…

Oleg Petroff says:

Slam shut the front trunk – it did not close, press a button to open back trunk – it did non open. All about McLaren in first 20 seconds.

Alone1am says:

MP4-12C is the best car from Mclaren after their first car ofcourse

Kourai says:

0:00 dude do you not know how to close I- 💀💀💀

Nikola Sexla says:

4:30 = instant censorship in USA

Xander Stone says:

This is exactly how I would design a car!

Family Davidson says:

I feel like you could have put the shopping in the front boot

Thelover .Monalisa says:

What is name of this color ???

Khalid Saleh says:

Are you in Italy??

Stanislava Bayraktarska says:

Best. If you need some photos please let me know if anything becomes available and by what

ramsharan singh says:

McLaren always have some electronic issues

Balam Keneth says:

Rory real makes the interviews interesting when he gets a little informal with it

Keith R Joseph says:

Just amazed it didn't break down in true Mclaren style

RyoKautsar Channel says:

The spec is fire 🔥

Jonny Craig says:

I'd 100% prefer the Bentley

Last train To Vegas says:

Stopped watching when you opened the trunk
Don’t care overpriced yuppie car that so shit

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