NEW McLaren Speedtail … but I broke its physics | Forza Horizon 4 | How fast without any drag?

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Long, longer, McLaren Speedtail! A NEW Hypercar arrived in Forza Horizon 4, but how good is it? Well, the 0-100 time will rip your face off 😉
As always, thanks for watching! I do really appreciate it!


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Q: Where do I live?
A: Secret temple high up in the Austrian Alps

Q: Favourite movies?
A: Interstellar, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Iron Man (1)

Q: Favourite books?
A: The Martian, Schachnovelle, Brave New World

Q: Favourite food?
A: …..PIZZA!

Q: Favourite racing-game?
A: Mario Kart on Wii…I´m not joking

Q: Favourite game of all time?
A: TES Skyrim

Q: Dream car?
A: LaFerrari 🙂

Q: How do I record my gameplay?

Q: Where do you get your music from?
A: Music by Epidemic Sound


The Racing Monkey says:

Ups :]

PS.: GUYS… THE REAR SPOILER FLAPS …. I thought more people knew about the difference to the Huayra so I didn’t explain it as well as I should have. The Speedtails flaps are part of the rear bodywork, as in they aren’t separated at all. Part of the rear bodywork bends up, making the Speedtail the first car to use this technology. It’s pretty freaky 😅 The Huayras flaps are just separate parts that move via hydraulics. The amount of shit I got for not explaining the difference is pretty insane (but also somewhat understandable), will take a deep dive into new tech features from now on lol.

Noah Walsh says:

7:52 How Did He Do That?

Aggetraxz says:

whats up with the speed limit

Starlight the tribewing says:

my self tuned mclaren F1 GT is faster aswell. it tops out at about 441-442 and if you turn traction control of it wont turn hard until gear 3 (which is really good for drag) and its gets to 40+ before the second tunnel. if you were to test this at any time my gamertag is NightKoala25955

Poison Pickle says:

In miles per hour you went as fast as the 599XX Evil when you removed the limiter

SoreGlint says:

Hey can i just say that the Lamborghini urus also has cameras as mirrors, and it was made in 2014 😀

Michelle says:

5:42 Did you just say the s word??

janjuaz27 says:

0 to 101.18 seconds

Vinicius Moreira says:

thinner tyres shouldn't help increase top speed?

Theicelord27 says:

323mph 6th gear 412mph 7th gear

edens-oath says:

by the way, playground games made every McLaren have the exact engine sound of the real car

goracks69 says:

Speedy speedtail
Gasoline’s burning
Speedy speedtail
As fast as I can be
Speedy speedtail…

Jakub Pietruszka says:

But speedtail is hybrid

Racing angel says:

1:47 i burst out luaghing when i saw his in game username

V J says:

how did you break that limiter

SepiaStuff says:

Oo.. let’s get it! I wonder how much it costs?


Mr prooooo says:

Konegssing regera xd

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