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New Mercedes A-Class driven: verdict on stylish hatchback

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Mercedes A-Class review: http://bit.ly/11e502m
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ric zito says:

As an ex-A-class (first-gen) owner I take issue with "dumpy". It was a brilliant car, a packaging masterpiece, unique. This is just a hideously overstyled mainstream hatchback.

Abul Hasnath says:

racist pleb should be boycotted. korean plastics? what the hell does that mean? is that even politically correct?

fish fingers says:

The A250 Sport is pretty fast, 6.6 to 60. And a chip will get it down under 5 seconds..! Personally love this car

Surfxeo says:

Switch the radio off! It's annoying listening to a review with background muffled sounds coming from the car radio. Terrible review

Guy cohen hanoch says:

enough with this "where is all the width gone" shit. its in your hips!

TheWombash says:

Best moments 0:4301:15 and 02:02 – BUT !!! 😀  

gianhet says:

body roll ? All the other reviews say it has a great body control, way better than the competition..
I was in the cabin, and the quality was great..

Jeri Lindo says:

Very nice looking merc…I WANT ONE!

Aslan Nurain Ibrahim says:

sounds a bit like a CarBuyer review :/

InsuranceRipOff says:

Not so stylish I think comparing to other A-class Mersedes cars.

Abdulla Hashmie says:

This guy is stupid

Sami Benz says:

A45 AMG speedrun. GoPro Hero3. Check it out on my channel.

Lavish Beats says:

if you want performance then go for the a250 petrol engine the diesels are rubbish and the a250 can do 0-60 in 6.6 seconds 

Car mad says:

Germans know what they r doing n 1 series n new A class are simply the best 2 hatchback out their atm!

Car mad says:

Errrr wtff???! Is this guy gettig bumped by the vw owners or somethings?? Sorry but golfs r bloody ugly!!!! This a class is sex on 4 wheels!! Its just beautiful best looking hatch atm without a doubt! No other car can come near it!!


He is so damn negative thinking it will be a full blooded sports car from italy or something wtf, the quality is simply a++ when you compere it to.. well everything in that category really. I love it, i dont think the amg-sport package makes it too stiff. It absorbs the bumbs very good and has very grippy handling – easily compared to the new golf gti.

Its absolute looks, feels, drives like premium like you would expect. Try it and you'll love it.

Hasan Haris Ahmed says:

this guy needs a back hander

hwangeruk says:

Golfs resale are as high as merc. I looked at the CC VW but also poked around the Golf (then, not the new one) its carpet cutouts were reminiscent of a Peugeot, not high quality. Not sure what the very new Golf is like, but the models I looked at weren't a patch on a BMW or Merc. The CC wasn't too bad, but due to resale values not being as high as Merc, it was actually cheaper on PCP to run a higher quality higher price Merc than PCP the CC.

TVB says:

I tested a gas one,really no diffrence…it is slow and you have to trash it to get any speed at all. and was the a180 model.

Brandon S says:

are diesels not sporty? idk im askin for real

Fred Knight says:

Punto is a good car…Fun to drive..peppy engine

TruAgape1234 says:

Renault engines are in this thing. You can guarantee reliability problems as a result.

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