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NEW Mercedes C Class 2018

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NEW Mercedes C Class 2018

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alfredo diaz ramirez says:

This is like a modern version of the old cl550 this would be an awesome car to see go back into production since it would be a coupe version of the new cls sedan

gianni seded says:

What is thus shit ? Why I'm sure it is fwd ??

frezing87 says:

izit real????? nice front and back light~~

Mr Deen says:

This is a concept of the current CLA class. Old concept

bonjourq says:

whats the name of the song playing ?

Abdalla N says:

Cla not cls or c

Jatin Shah says:

The back looks more ugly……..as seen in there c class modles

Proud Mashilwane says:

A Mercedes competitor is not born yet. I love Benz whole heartedly

Parviz Sangakov says:

Oh my God))) ???????????????

Proud Mashilwane says:

welldone job. Mercedes is the best

Кусок Собаки says:

она прекрасна
божечки так круто снято и музло подобрано очень в тему.

Mercedes-Benz Service Stanmot Schwedt says:

Beautifull !! @Stanmot

humberto nicolas mendoza villca says:

la nariz esta horrible!!!!

Raj Soni says:

Now that's nice, that's definitely competition towards BMW 4 series regardless it's 4 doors

Eddie Ng says:

CLS Concept….. can't believe one would be able to have a youtube channel of a car without knowing what model he should be using in the title. Totally misleading.

Youngcat says:

All that sexiness.. And u finish the car off with Hyundai looking rims smfh ?

unions100 says:

Jags are much better

Proud Mashilwane says:

my dream is to visit the Mercedes designer room one day.
being in Africa, is there any one ready to finance my traveling?

Proud Mashilwane says:

to me Mercedes is my vehicle of choice. I always choose the best or nothing♥♥♥

Das Wunder says:

Sorry but its not true!!!
I saw this video long time ago when the new CLA came out. It was written the new CLA but it was the same video!

But nice to see this concept car again!

Derviş UÇURUM says:

İs it really? I think it's just a concept car.

dunai george says:


Marc Knight says:

Is it that hard to see that this is a Cla prototype? And funny thing is how ugly that car turned out to be

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