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New Mercedes C-Class v Audi A4 v BMW 3 Series group test – Auto Express

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Full review: http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/carreviews/grouptests/267349/mercedes_cclass_vs_rivals.html#ixzz1Ly3PgUdG

Welcome to the toughest of three-way fights. The models in this test dominate the compact executive sector, but does the arrival of the revised Mercedes C-Class upset the established order?

The German company has carried out what it’s calling a ‘comprehensive modernisation’ to help the saloon leapfrog the BMW 3-Series and Audi A4. Revised exterior styling, cleaner engines and a better-quality cabin are a few of the changes to have been rolled out, but will they be enough?

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성백이 says:

한국엔 옵션 다빼구나 벤츠

Mrdjan Jozic says:

Do really Mercedes have such a bad manual gearbox??

by Axel says:

Jaja lo veo y nolo ceeo es muy biejo ese auto

Trent Irvin says:

Let's just all agree that German cars are the best

Aston Bright says:

Depends what you want in your car. BMW is for the real drivers. Ford Mondeo gives similar thrills for a lot less money. Mercs are the best long distance traveller. So much more quieter and refined. Second hand values are very high because people tend to drive their mercs more carefully rather than race them like a BMW.

Trades46 says:

I steered my mother into a C350 from all of these three as well as the Lexus IS.
In hindsight given the way she drives I think the C350 is overkill (a C250 would have sufficed) but the extra oomph is always a delight on the highway. The Lexus is nice but the engines are meh, but BMW has too much plastic & the dealer is a complete arse, so the only real contender was the A4, by mum liked the C-class more so here we are today.

I don't think neither mum or I regret that decision; she still loves her MB today. Cost are unsurprisingly higher than our previous Nissan, but somehow cheaper than my old man's Mitsubishi. Go figure…

iAMtheBLUEone says:

Have the Mercedes and it's a great car. I would buy the BMW, but I have had a lot of issues with the brand and I find it ugly. Perhaps I will get me the next gen BMW but the Merc is again much more appealing . 🙂 I don't know why, but I dont find the AUDI interesting in any way.

Alfred Vega says:

I got this car for my wife, and don't regret it at all… She loves it

Capricornarr says:

No matter what this weirdo said, Merc is the BEST !!!

ING. ZV says:

beatuful cars. but nothing reliables…..

Jasko Hodzic says:

Mercedes looks the best

Caolan Letters says:

Audi is the best car from my opinion

Btron125 says:

Mercedes is the best!

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