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New Nissan LEAF with e-Pedal premieres September 6

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Simple things can be amazing.
The new #Nissan #LEAF with e-Pedal, premieres September 6

Nissan announced today that the widely anticipated new Nissan LEAF will come with e-Pedal, a revolutionary technology that transforms the way we drive.

With the flip of a switch, the technology turns your accelerator into an e-Pedal, allowing drivers to accelerate, decelerate and stop using just the e-Pedal*. e-Pedal technology is the world’s first one-pedal operation that allows drivers to bring the car to a complete stop even on hills, stay in position, and resume driving instantly.

Drivers can cover 90% of their driving needs with the e-Pedal, making the process of driving more exciting. In heavy traffic and during city commutes, drivers will greatly reduce the need to shift from one pedal to the other, making your drive simpler and more engaging.

The e-Pedal technology represents another key milestone in Nissan’s ongoing commitment to bring accessible, advanced driver assistance technologies to the mainstream. Set to make driving safer and more enjoyable, the development of these technologies is part of Nissan Intelligent Mobility, the company’s blueprint for transforming how cars are driven, powered and integrated into society.

By launching the Nissan LEAF, the world’s first mass-market electric vehicle, Nissan established itself as pioneer in the EV movement. Today the Nissan LEAF is the world’s best-selling electric vehicle, with more than 277,000 sold worldwide.

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*Use conventional brake pedal for aggressive braking situations.

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Clive Sinclair says:

So, it’s just like an ICE car with Auto box and adaptive cruise control.

Genso says:

Kontrapedal aq

Nick says:

does tesla have this?

Valera says:

So how do you let the throttle idle when reaching top of the hill and starting going down?

someoneforone1 says:

e-Pedal should be funny in France =)

Kancho says:

"exiting drive" "more engaging" its literally the opposite

ik7921 says:

Somehow similar feature to Tesla

Vlad Pon says:

When good ideas come to an end, shit comes to the surface

Jay Khan says:

its a very cool concept, imagine at a stop light and no foot at the brake

mmarkster says:

September 6! Oh! I can't wait for that day!

tombland1 says:

This video really doesn't explain much about the e-Pedal at all. "Press to speed up" and "Ease off to slow down" – isn't that what most accelerator pedals do? The video needs to go into much more detail about how this works, otherwise it's a pretty pointless video…

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