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Introducing the all-new Porsche 911! Rolling in with a six-cylinder, twin-turbo 3.0-litre that can hit 450hp, this new 911 992 is set to be THE sports car to beat in 2019! The question is, does the new 911 maintain the heritage and reputation built by its predecessors? Stick with Mat to see what you think, and then let us know in the comments below!

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Anna Hinly says:

People are going to mistake that for front wheel drive, awd would be better because all wheel drive

luigi rigattoni says:

i'd appreciate, if you learn the car first, before judge it in negative way, as you did to change the settings at the screen.
two of the knobs at the dash are free to programm them induvidually, for example to open the exhaust…
and for the sound check, please press the exhaust button first, next time.
but i understand, its a german car, not british…


Any opportunity to show off his 996. I love it .

Ali Jawad says:

Lovely lovely lovely

lmu says:

i’m here because someone saw Jimin with his porsche 😂

Robin Singh says:

A great and fun review! Thank you Matt, guess what, I ended up buying the Carrera S 2021 model, and this video is one of the videos I watched to motivate my buying decision.




Auchen888 Dolly says:

Brilliant Matt

GrumpySalmon says:

Send Yianni and Matthew on a tour/ special, will be probably awesome to watch.

Sam Hardman says:

I’m collecting mine on Friday 😬

Ludi Ivan says:

15:33 did he just say 😳

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