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New Volvo XC40 SUV 2018 – not quite what you’d expect? | Top 10s

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This is the all-new Volvo XC40 – a small SUV that takes on the likes of the BMW X1 and the Audi Q2. It’s got the style inside and out to take on the best that the German brands have to offer, but does it have the substance? To find out, I take a look at the top 10 things you need to know about it.

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terrykow kow says:

I'm not volvo fans, but this xc40 is really outperform the others luxury cars at the same range. Relatively dull and boring design from X1, GLA or Q3. Great job Volvo.

Cool Cars says:

Volvo are massively improving

Real Name says:

Nice job Volvo, the first Volvo i woud buy. =)

pawandeep5757 says:

Its beautiful

Ashish s says:

97 basturds unliked

Sawers says:

I see this volvo video that to reverse the gear is pushed one, and you said in the main review, you have to push twice to reverse. ???????????

peer says:

What a nice car, Volvo now leads the development of cars in the world

Nerch Fritzsche says:

q3 killer…

Ngakak Guling says:

i hope my kidney is worth this xc40

Dolphino Egglet says:

Looking forward to the full review. Hoping to get this myself.

SRAVAN S says:

BMW X2 baby!

RickACG says:

Damn I hate Volvo's read lights.

Adam Burns says:

The Audi’s creases are just too square and boring as always, the GLA just looks cheap imo, the bmw finds the imperfect combination of dated and too complicated design. The Volvo I think is by far the best looking car of these, that’s something I never thought I’d say at the turn of the decade.

Guy says:

I’m deciding between this and e pace

Harmesh Kaushal says:

This will rock in INDIA

Stian SF says:

DAMN thats sexy!!!

Bengt Agert says:

Too high prized in Sweden- will never be a top 5 seller there without a considerable change of prize in spite 7% of discount on listprize on qouotations in nov 2017

Mario D. Zmaj says:

they should have made a 400hp hybrid monster, that would be so awesome

Jooo J says:

Starting price 40 000 euros? Lol. Yeah Volvo, no.

Will Mac says:

Rear legroom looks tight. U can see the rear seat is set high to try to make it work

nicholas aaron says:

Volvo is killing it right now. Tremendous design.

thinkiat says:

Best design

Emma Bakkmyr says:

It looks like an electric car btw i like th xc60 the most

Joe MacLeod-Iredale says:

The instruments and wheel together look like an excited bear

idebski says:

Love the XC60 but not feeling the XC40. Q2 is nicer in this segment.

G says:

They all look the same – modern Euro design SUVs. Also Korean and Japanese SUVs look the same. Cars, especially SUVs lack individuality these days.

Noah Hershkop says:

the rear looks like a CR-V

Karthik Karthik says:

range rover velar is the ultimate one.

Luke says:

looks like a jeep renegade no good.

PiCKL3R1CK says:

The price should be £25000 TBH (with the best engine)

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