New W12 Bentley Flying Spur is a 207mph, 626bhp limo. Full on-road review

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Bentley’s newest can in the range is the 626bhp Flying Spur, which can seat 5 in complete luxury as well as hit 207mph on the Autobahn. But does it work in the real-world? Find out here..
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pete robertson says:

Too much piano black in the interior definitely. The vw Arteon that I owned a yr or so back seems to be similar in many regards.

The Motor Trade says:

Weird mis-matched front and rear door panel cards….gloss black exterior trim seems a bit boy-racer for a car of this magnitude, and cheapens the look. For $200k I want chrome everywhere.

Alan Partridge says:

200 mile an hour luxury paving slab

Tejas Sharma says:

Would much rather prefer conti GT over this

Harry says:

Still curious what watch Harry is wearing. Anyone has an idea?

J Adams says:

A very expensive dinosaur

John Edwards says:

Dreadful isn’t it, the old craftsmen will turn in their urn?

Knut Arne Aakra says:

Real beauty of a automobile .Understatement is the key word for making a british car , less is more.America don’t understand how to do this. Bigger tyres noicy engines or longer bonnets don’t do the trick. Bentley rolls royce and aston martin is in a another top leage.

SandhoeFlyer says:

I like Harry, he is believable, knowledgable experienced and has owned a few cars. Same age as me. I too have owned a few including the Conti. Im thinking of getting back into one of these this time. A real tour d'force. But silver is a let down and battle ship gray is a poor interior

Stu_Lopher says:

S63 AMG for me thanks.

Commentator541 says:

It’s nice but not a Mulsanne. And same can be said for the rear legroom.

N Y says:

For the price of a family home its a proper kit to get your groceries from the next village Tesco.

Oliver Ingram says:

How does it compare to an S Class Merc..?

Christopher Robin Garrish says:

Finally, the car for Harry.


everything looked fabulous until they shown the back….ugh such rubbish backside

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