NFS Most Wanted 2 – Hennessey Venom 428km/h

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Hennessey Venom GT Spyder 428km/h in NFS Most Wanted 2
Available in 1080p HD

I tested the Tuned version and Stock version of Hennessey Venom GT Spyder

-Track Tires Pro
-Powershot Nitrous Pro
-Lightweight Chassis Pro
-Aero Body
-Long Gears

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The first Scranox says:

it can go up with 1 try to 430 kph

Jacklyn Lacsamana says:

Need for speed rivals:koeningsegg one:1 449 km/h

Md. Mahmudul islam shuvo says:

I think this is the best sounding game of nfs series

American Republic Of Canada says:

Dats almost faster than a bug veyon super sports

1/ 2 says:

0:22 Where is a Shadow!?

Mohamed Haouhamdi says:

435kmph is possible

FarmYard Gaming says:

0:32 for the noise


I drove here with buggati 430km/h 👌

OFFEK peace says:

My record is 432km/h

Gary Peterson says:

Is a prank? I did 452 km/h with the koenigsegg agera r 😂, the Hennesey Venom gt spyder can to run more of 500 km/h easy.

Edwin Castro says:

Mail enp In My Head I need Venom GT spyder

Uchiha Itachi says:

Bugatti chirron 500kmh

Jaykazine Roblox says:

Koennisseg agera R
Speed 452
Bugatti Veyron super sport
Speed 451
Hennessey venom spyder gt

Bendo Na Bendo says:

Its fasle but is a short transmission

Aurora Drago says:

Lmao compared to "miles" unit its not much xD

GunTeR GD says:

Trail blazer 458 km/h with hennessey venom

Flying Hot Dog says:

I can do 666 km

V3ntus says:

I was faster 455 Km/h with the Hennesey Venom at "Around the World" Race

tylor says:

My best is 286 mph in Veyron Vitesse

Siva Nesh says:

431kph is very possible .Do it on Callahan Industry straight stretch.

Eric Chaves says:

can you download the torrent to your ps3

Chromy says:

i did 451

Black says:

Koenigsegg Agera R 452 km/h

Alex Simon says:

i did 419 in half tuned veyron and i haven't spent $$ on dlc

Kar Kar says:

hennessey Venom 433km/h Koenigsegg 453km/h bugatti 448km/h !!!!!!

scoobyboyludwig says:

is it in one of the packs in the shop?

Joseph Ahmed says:

The Bugatti can go to 441

Black Knight says:

Its sound is a copy of the corvette sound

JayLon Jackson says:

428km/h= 265mph thats nuthing

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