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Nissan Juke Customer reviews – What Car?

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For the latest What Car? Nissan Juke video watch:

The What Car? Reader Test Team gets an exclusive preview of Nissan’s ‘baby Qashqai’ the Juke. Watch the results here.

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Richard O says:

It's as hideous today as it was 8 years ago! It replaced the FIAT Multipla as the ugliest production car!

Pacifica611 says:

so many gay guys

Rasheed Peter says:

its quit a car to ride on its amaizing

lovey me2 says:

I want this car. too cute.

Peter Hudson says:

Why does WhatCar only ask middle aged men? None of these guys are in the target demographic for the car.

Martina Lips says:

Juke is like marmite you either love it or hate it. I am growing to like it as it really stands out and is not like the rest of the run of the mill cars out there. They seem to be quite popular over here.

Lewis Garner says:

This car is brilliant!! I can see it ageing very well!

superblessed81 says:

this remainsme of my future car

superspit says:

Went to the showroom today to 'check-it'. Love it. The people who blatantly disregard this car are likely driving ugly pieces boring shit. Go buy a 1983 Golf, oh, if you can afford it.

howsaboutno says:

This is not a good looking car! It is not modern, it already looks dated. It is just a mishmash of styles and features. I have no idea why anyone would buy one when there are much cheaper, stylish and more practical B segment cars!

Brendan Kelly says:

I think this car looks great just bought the 2013 n tec in black today getting it in a few weeks

BoeingvsAirbus1578 says:

It gets attention for all the wrong reasons… It's just hideous from every angle… it's like saying it doesn't matter if you're morbidly obese, as long as people glance at how hideous you are, then it's all good? No thanks, there are actually good looking cars out there.

BuildersM8 says:

Whether you like it or not, the Juke is doing very well for Nissan following in the footsteps of the larger Qashqai ( Dualis / Rogue ). Just look at the recent number of new compact SUV's, Vauxhall Mokka, Skoda Yeti, Renault Captur and soon to be released Ford Ecosport ( Fiesta based ) and VW Taigun which is Polo sized.

I've owned a Qashqai for over 4 trouble free years, and would not hesitate in downsizing to a Juke. Great cars, that's why every manufacturer wants a share of their success!

F Ahmad says:

Most unique looks. Interesting

lesababy says:

It's funny how they only had men test drive this car. Why not a woman? I'm 5 ft 2 inches and this car was a perfect fit for me!!!!

Urbex Zack says:

What kind of horrible car is this. Putting headlights on the hood. Why would somebody put a compact car suspension on an SUV. Worse car sense the AZTEK.

Urbex Zack says:

If you love ugly cars than your right it's the car for you

Sallianne Allen says:

Great looking car. Why only men reviewing, would like to see a woman's point of view.

msoviet409 says:

Sound? Cool vehicle.

HoustonMalta says:

i just got this car and i love it 🙂

NEO O says:

I love vehicles that stick close to their concepts. Most cars out there look like fucking boxes or worse, this has good design qualities. I wouldn't expect most people to appreciate that though (the general public)

riklaw007 says:

just bought on i love it fucking ace!!!!!!

Daniel Fennely says:

i can shit better shapes than this car

Luka Didović says:

this car is not good is oful

UTUBEFREAK1974 says:

@MrWickedWonderman Well said,let the twats have it….just brought my other half one!

Time2Keel says:

With a188 hp Turbo, at 1.6L, good gas conserver….performing like a 2 or 2.5L non turbo. A Mito turbo is at 155 hp 1.4L costing almost the same.The Golf is a pussy like the Mito compared to the Juke. Gud monie back.

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