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Nissan Juke R beats Bugatti Veyron and Ferrari 599 GTO

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Paul Jr. Harrington says:

This is disgusting to watch.

Иван Порохня says:

Бред Бугатти продула ниссану.

Алексей Беляев says:

Это же каким нужно быть клоуном, чтобы соревноваться с 2005-сильной ламбой ??????

Boom- Boom says:

пошли нах2й англичане

Abir Kazi says:

did the juke really beat the veyron?! OMG! can't believe my eyes!

Roman Aleksieienko says:

в чём смысл ставить 700 сильного жука против 2000 ламбы ? Почему бы не разделить на классы 500-1000 и 1000+ ?

Timmi Schulz says:

1000kg vs 2400kg ?

anirage says:

Lol i just paid 22k for my juke , good choice 😀

Arto Kulmala says:

LOL, A stock ferrari as you by it from the dealer, and a racing modified nissan juke.??? Whats the point? No rules no fun? With money you can make a Lada fly. Sure ITS fun to watch. But no real information how real supercars perform against eachother.but , hey ITS ok by me.

Andrew Yowell says:

that juke doesn't just have chips or performance parts, it also has nissan gtr motor powering it

Eegh Eegh says:

wow ferrari is loser but nissan juke is winner and also bugatti is winner

Malicious Affection says:

Juke Mile ET+RT: 28.075
Veyron Mile ET+RT: 28.081
Juke Won. xD

Later…2:54: Juke Mile ET: 27.001 Rip Veyron.

Ryan Gu says:

Instead of buying a Bugatti just buy a Nissan Juke r

Ryan Gu says:

Ha the juke a cheap car that Nissan Juke r is the same price as the gtr

ƹ̵̡ӝ̵̨̄ʒ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ƹ̵̡ӝ̵̨̄ʒ says:

its performanced car, not a normal.. it body isnt good for aerodynamics, but its very well in the engine. its a bit similar to gtr engine.
by the way it cant to keep on this works for long times like those dedicated sports cars. it engines just modified for drag races with high speed in short time.
but it proves that how much are these Nissan engines good and reliable for performance.
there is no other engine like that.. its truly GodZilla.. the Japanese Godzilla…
they are very well for custom modifies., Even on such a suv bodies like a joke !.. It's more like joking than serious, but its true !!

by the way, for last time i say., it gonna to be rapping all the allied and judes tough azzes in same time without any oil.. he can do it, he just did it before and will be doing that in future too. hes horny and wanna be rapping all jewish females., it dsnt matter if they was be sister or mother or doughter or even causin of somebody.. he just be reaping them.. he just wanna be tearuping them so badd, till their screams goes to sky.. hes just very tasty for rape.. for tasty rapes… for tearups some thick holes.. he just dont like the smoothness softly style modes.. hes a MANN, he wanna do that like a real mann.. he just be rapping alll allied or alien or judes or blm fukerz or sjw suckerz or english son of the bitchez or even liberal demokrat mother sucker fuckerz..
he jus wanna do that very hardd..

Mr dirt bike 152 says:

It says the bugati won

Omega Storm says:

Look Bugatti snob,I don't care if the bugatti veyron win the one mile race nor nissan juke winning 1/4 mile.For me,this video shows how a modified cheap suv Almost beat the veyron.Yeah bugatti DID won the mile race but don't you think Nissan deserve some respect?I'm here reading comments saying how nissan juke is a JOKE but do you see what happen in the race?Give some respect to Nissan.

Irfanejsnsjsnaja Sarwar says:

you lied the bugatti won

The Physics Guy 987 says:

I have no idea why it makes me think of Renaults whenever I see Juke, probably because it looks better than that Megane…

So, world's fastest SUV?

A.Syarif Z. Nst says:

-First… The Driver problem, The Driver of Veyron & 599 GTO seems not have a Fast RT (Reaction Time) when the race is started.
-Second… The Juke-R have a GT-R Engine that have a one of High Acceleration in the world.
-Third… The weight problem, Veyron & 599 GTO (I think) have a heavy weight than Juke-R self.
-Fourth… Veyron & 599 GTO still has a Stock Condition which Juke-R has been fully customized/modificated (Engine & Body) by SHPILLI VILLI ENGINEERING TEAM to get powerfull potentially.
-Fifth… Gallardo can beat The Juke-R because The Driver of Gallardo have more RT (Reaction Time) when the race is started than RT (Reaction Time) of The Juke-R Driver and Gallardo have a less weight than Juke-R and also Gallardo Engine have a one High Acceleration in the world and that Gallardo has been fully customized/modificated (Engine & Body) by UGR RACE TEAM to get powerfull potentially.


Gmannn15 Trollz says:

I feel bad for the Bugatti fanboys ?

LoDerry says:


M676 Thew says:

I just love how people work hard on their car but rich people say their car is faster than that trash.

Suddenly gets destroyed.

Z says:

Better name would most certainly be Nissan JOKE ☺️

Amina Butt says:

the bugati won though look closley

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