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Nissan Juke-R Dubai.wmv

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It was a fantastic race between 4 cars, Nissan Juke-R concept, Lamborghini LP560-4, Ferrari 458 and Mercedes SLS AMG.
Which car was the winner? Watch and Enjoy.

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MrNalsra says:

it's an asian car made in europe

Richard Tuck says:

car is actually heavier than gtr by 60 kg shorter cut n shut wheelbase and taller. 0-60 is 3.7 but after 90 mph the aerodynamics hold the car back needless to say on a longer straight all of the cars it was racing here would kick its ass. this one cost 400,000 pounds

james4eva934 says:

I think the title of the video rather gives the game away as to, who wins!!!!

S H says:

Nissan perform the greatest spec!!!!!!!

MrCukydoh says:

@tubefox74. sorry dude CONCEPT its only a prototype so get your facts right

Jason Fox says:

Nissan will be making only about 20 – 25 of the Juke R and each will cost about $590,000. This Juke is basically the same as the GT-R. More or less but still kicks ass.

Pedro Patrício says:

it looks a rally car!

Brian Groebsch says:

why can't you just stop whoring for attention? we get it, it isn't shot with the best camera, but come on… get over it.

chuck norris says:

many cars are veryyyyy much faster than the gtr. look at nurburgring laptimes

cebulya says:

Бешенный жучок. Организаторы ниссан – все в вполсилы наверно ехали 😉

darkerhavokism says:

they were racing? urm which car is faster maybe..lol

darkerhavokism says:

its priceless only one made.

mtm says:

this potato you shot the video with has a great resolution, which grocery store sell it i wonder?

Ahmed Alafifi says:

this juke has the GTR engine?! is it the same price or cheaper, if same or higher then its just stupid,no point, just the looks changed,otherwise its same as the GTR,infact the GTR looks cooler,i hope its cheaper than the GTR

TheMedo4evar says:

ياهو علينا انا انيك ام الدعايه لو كده الاعلام اللي حولين الحلبه كلها لنيسان ياعم انا اتحدى الجيوك … بكرسيدا قراندي 90

Jeremy Parkin says:

Nice boats. Not sure what the car drivers were trying to prove

KhasnFX says:

@interlago80s Whoawoawoawoa… the JUKE R is lighter than the GTR?

interlagos80s says:

@cardigansrule are you retarded? you probably don';t know anything about cars. The GTR already demolishes these supercars on the track and with the TR engine in this lighter JUKE. There is NO competition. This is far from a publicity stunt.

Tim Ramich says:

@insomniahedgehog I saw the video before. I don't know why watching it again would change my mind. I really don't care for for anything, nor am I impressed with anyone Nissan does.

Tim Ramich says:

@insomniahedgehog A one-off product is not innovation. With enough money, anyone can do what they did. What would have been innovation would be to make the Juke-R for mass production at an affordable price.

Tim Ramich says:

@insomniahedgehog Cost is subjective, and mostly about prestige when you get into this class of cars (the actual GT-R and the like.) It also does not have a V8. It's a one-off car that's purpose-built going against cars that have a long wheelbase, are heavy ON PURPOSE, and are NOT race cars. It's simply not that impressive. The price is bound to be that of all three of its opponents, combined. I don't get the Godzilla comment, whatsoever.

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