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Nissan JUKE-R Video 10 – Shakedown and Testing

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VIDEO 10 – SHAKEDOWN AND TESTING – The moment has finally come for Juke-R to hit the track! With the build complete, engineers take Juke-R to MIRA proving ground to check all systems work correctly before heading to Silverstone to push the car’s limits. It looks like a Juke but sounds like a GT-R, and performs like one on its first circuit tests.

The build video series is now complete, but there is still much more to come from Juke-R – watch this space!

Watch all the videos following the build of this amazing car and give us your thoughts on the Nissan JUKE Official Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/NissanJukeOfficial

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Nico Contreras says:

I love it but is nice like all Nisans?

oberto111 says:

If they made it less ugly in the front it would be a cool car

kurlym0e says:

need to change the front end.make it look more aggressive.

Cyruss 322 says:

im a huge nissan fan but this is the ugliest thing they have ever made

l0oAzizo0l says:

i don't know how did this car get this many likes for me it's pure ugly

Jinny The Kisaragi says:

I agree! Too bad they were rushed with that car though.

NorthWestV6 says:

There was a shit tone of effort put into this car, an incredibly low volume car. Nissan would lose too much money if they priced it like a GT-R. Then again, a veyron costs about 5-6 mil to build. I agree, 590k for a fast juke is ridiculous.

NorthWestV6 says:

because vw half assed that car. the weight distribution sucked, it couldnt really handle, it was pretty heavy for the chassis it was in. They didnt totally re-engineer the golf w12 like nissan did with the juke-r. I wish they had though, because the concept was awesome.

paco29681 says:

I wanna see a Sentra-R now. Get to it Nissan

Shannon Propst says:

Whats going to kill this? Nismo GT-R R Spec-V Black Edition GT2.

holla vince says:

My friend recently bought a Nissan Juke, and his girlfriend left him
he's been too depressed, so he put a GT-R badge on his Juke just to kinda mock himself
true story

1Kurgan1 says:

Are we looking at the same car? I mean it's fast, and I would drive it, but does it look good? I got to say no.

Me.Grazzhoppah says:

well it is just a GT-R whit a Juke shell!

Antti Hyvönen says:

it's not

Jinny The Kisaragi says:

Ya see? Nissan is going to put the Juke-R into production (request only). That makes me happy. Now……why couldn't Volkswagen put the Golf W12 into production instead of it being a one-off?!

sk8rnate322 says:

yeah they over priced the hell out of it

MrBpsk8er says:

Not worth $590,000 though :/

PeacemakerJMB says:

What an ugly pos….so stupid.

wtfizdanny says:

@aaaachoooo1980 Word on the street is that Nissan priced the Juke-R for $600k.

Rikard Öqvist says:

It´s like putting makeup on a pig

eeiko321 says:

and toyota will put the LFA into the Yaris!!

William Knowles says:

This is possibly the ugliest car since the AMC Pacer; why they would put this much money and effort into making it fast is an absolute mystery. Think of all the poor people you could feed and put through college with the development budget for this one eyesore. May run like a thoroughbred, but it still looks like a swamp donkey…

d'Etroit Ultramann says:

I like Nissan cars, and the JUKE-R is a wondfully beautiful performer, but I'm sorry…it's ugly as sin.

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