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Nissan JUKE-R Video 2 – Technology Transfer from GT-R to Juke-R

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VIDEO 2 – TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER – As well as the engine and drivetrain, the Nissan GT-R features a wealth of technology and the team faces several challenges in transferring the GT-R’s complex driving systems into the body of a JUKE.

Watch all the videos following the build of this amazing car and give us your thoughts on the Nissan JUKE Official Facebook page:

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Bob Parker says:

My mates cousin did this last year in his garage but put 6 turbos on it.

SpazGamingHD says:

Why not the 370 with the GTR package? That would kick ass, tbh.

Daewootech says:

@clubbymart a modern 510, now that i would buy…

danielalien says:

00:36 confuses me.

tuan side says:

this is nothing except but try to copy what japs done..never be the same made by japs yo..

JJ PP says:

@clubbymart aww man, 510 one of my favs. that would be great

JimmyEG1 says:

people are hating cause they dont want to admit that nissan made one of the, if not the fastest car on this daum planet, hate on it you fucken haters

James Deng says:

juke-r = jew car. (only when british says it)

Romio Niz Romio says:

Ugly car i have aver seen dunno why they care abt juke tht much why they nt put ths things in Altima or Maxima

JDM says:

Noo man why they didn't use the FX-35

arms manga says:

I swear if this thing whoops a corvette on the standing mile ill flip >:(

Comfy Cabbage says:

The juke is the best!! Haters can go fuck thereselfs. 😀

Evan Beck says:

take the styling from the maxima or the 370, form it to the juke, add gt-r engine, you have my money

PicanteSauceDSM says:

@xXBado94Xx Isnt a real song, its just a 30 sec theme nissan do for this video…

McFro95 says:

But the Juke is so damn fugly D:

Lino Rodriguez says:

as the song is called?

charjohnnie sic says:

Land Rovers, X5, X6, Cayenne get all together and start praying Nissan dont go ahead with this car…

Joel Bonilla says:

When they said Juke-R I heard, Jew Car

justbeingdrew says:

why? the thing is ugly and fuck

rrralf says:

That's not a modified Juke. That's a miniaturized GTR.

Zespół Espiro says:

song name please ? 🙂

St0RM33 says:

silvia s16 ftw!

St0RM33 says:

@Whitehead3129 i own a 200sx eur 180sx..stupid insurance companies won't let me have an insurance this year..and i don't even have a crash history..and i'm 20..i hope nissan brings back the silvia s16..at least in time to compete the ft86..this world won't let us have a sport car..the world goes round by money..:@

LunaSolNova says:

Nissan is just sadness now.

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