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Nissan Juke Review – Auto Express

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Full review: http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/carreviews/firstdrives/252751/nissan_juke.html

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Ajay Bhardwaj says:

is he (reviewer) 5'10 or 5'11? I remember in one of his video while reviewing other car, he mentioned his height 5'11. Arghh,,, come one, stick to one view!!

In K says:

Anyone that owns an auto juke has a problem with the gearbox?

Redemption says:

Should've reviewed the AWD version, has an IRS and would've handled better for you.

Mr Fresh says:

The new 1.6t engine, is it a diesel or petrol?….

TheGreatPetry says:

Production Quality is garbage

Marčiks M says:

My dream car! Always wanted one!

opmike343 says:

Why is this video at like 12 FPS?

Endre Lazar says:

Just love it. COOL car. 

23664gray says:

I'm 6'1 and have no problem in the back.

zyad zyad says:

Really one of the best reviews I watched for this particular vehicle, very focused, very realistic, great job.
Any comments about second hand Juke! Is it reliable with all these electonics?

Deny Aditya says:

It's my cars..

Tdk Sivakumar says:

juke gonna be huge hit in India..

Chris Prousi says:

amazing car love it!!!!! 

332211ggGHGFF says:

I like this review it's honest and true – I heard many pros and cons. Definitely love to stand out! – but sadly like he said unless your 5-10 or below – your not going to like the back seats. :/ Still can't wait to see more of what Nissan has to offer 🙂

1adayla says:

Why do people want to just blend in with the same boring cars. I admire people who drive the cube, fiat, and soul.

Narrowc ross says:

Just wish the headlights looked better, rest of the car is okay

Dragoslav Miljević says:

Why, even design is cool 😛

Dragoslav Miljević says:

Same here ^^

Emma Sandusky says:

It will be mine!!!!!!!!!!! (In 1-1/2 years:( )

richl says:

least it's different for your money )

richl says:

Seems to be all looks but not much delivery .. average handling, cabin quality, engine note etc

Костя Седов says:

Супер тачка, все кто против = сосут.

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