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nissan leaf 15 month after purchased

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a man that bought one of the first nissan leaf in the us and is very satisfied from it performance

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Rasta Mann says:

yehey applaud to the government mafia who controlled the economy, americans were always late, japanese are the first having e-cars….

Henry Hill says:

Passes gas stations… yea… a 15 hr charge on 120v
Only a frenchman would love this.. I'd go for a Volt anyday over this POS

frits duwel says:

looks like shit

Ruth Annabelle says:

How about the $5,000.00 + fees and Installation that the owners of these "fine" car will have to spend in the battery when It goes bad right about the third year of ownership??? I believe that price is outrageous. In my opinion. the battery should not cost more than $500.00 including installation and service and should last at least 5 years. Oh! the greedy humanity!!!

Steven Correa says:

I have gas inside too and gas and anxiety when the Saudis decide 2 shut off the damn oil

Stratos H D says:

Good engineered but fugly as hell

Replevideo says:

I keep reading about how technology has advanced so much for electric cars, but the truth is it really has not advanced at all. They still don't go very far before running out of charge, and they stil take too long to recharge. The only real advance is that the batteries are lighter but far more expensive, and that's it after many years and billions of dollars spent. Give it up, guys. They don't really work, and never will.

Gordon Clough says:

Well have got rid of that pile of sh-t they call a NISSAN LEAF now in the process of buying an AUDI feel so much better knowing I can jump in my car and not have to worry about having to charge it up every 50 Ha 11 hours to travel 230 miles on A1M using rapid chargers what a joke only takes just over 3hours in my new car once again NISSAN YOUR LEAF IS A PILE OF PURE CRAP JUST LIKE THE SALES PATTER FROM YOUR DEALERSHIPS….Its like they say on TOPGEAR YOU CAN'T WITH A NISSAN …….Would not have another even if they were giving them away…

Tony Nameless says:

"good traction and drives really well" has nothing to do with how good BATTERY OPERATED car is.
A redneck will give more appropriate review then this clown.
This video was probably paid to show because no one would buy those cars simply because batteries are not "fill up and go"

HW2800 says:

Most electric is still generate with coal, natural gas and nuclear in that order in the U.S. Solar and wind power make up 3%.

Nicholas Littlejohn says:

Boo on the reporter trying to instill fear. Poor journalism.

Lord Megatron says:

stupid bitch commentator have you not heard about the Tesla

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