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Nissan LEAF: Gas Powered Everything commercial

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Nissan North America has unveiled a new ad campaign that asks “What if everything ran on gas?”

Created to promote their electric powered Leaf model, the commercial takes a humorous look at the advantages of electricity. More interestingly, Nissan takes a swipe at the Chevrolet Volt which is a range-extended electric vehicle that uses a petrol engine to extend its 25 to 50 mile (40 to 80 km) range on electricity alone.

Nissan will begin airing 15-second teasers later this week, before debuting the full commercial on June 12th during the NBA Finals in the U.S.

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Luke Schwartzmeyer says:

I want a gas powered computer

Son Osmanli says:

Proud to own the first generation of leaf 2011. 7 years, no issue what so ever. Never buy a gas car again!!!

Shawn Grannell says:

Actually, everything, including these electric cars, does run on mostly gas or some equivalent fossil fuel. Electricity is just a handy way to move the engines that power our appliances far away, and to power these appliances with relatively few big engines instead of many more small engines.

Tint Jones says:

Love it! Great commercial

Darth Maul says:

I would like to see that movie where there are nuclear or coal power plants instead of an internal combustion engine. =;)

john doe says:

Oh jeez, I'd rather have the Volt and maybe that gas powered hair dryer.

romanl1977 says:

Great concept for a commercial but lacks truth. I think the Volt is a better car. With it handling my 40 mile daily commute, I don't use gas. No range anxiety is also good at the same time I can take a trip and Leaf can't. Plus the leaf is FUGLY while my Volt is sharp. Let the trurh be told, life is too short to drive an ugly car.

Bunnyshooter 223 says:

Am i the only one who thinks combustion-engine powered everything is cool af?!
Surely there are more guys and gals out there that love Hot rods, bikes, and engines

DelilahThePig says:

Leaf is a great car for dense urban living with short commutes. Still not competitive with hybrids or Tesla for most suburban living.

Jake Ryan says:

This is still one of the BEST commercials I've ever seen….

BusGuy says:

Uncensored Nissan Leaf at the the end. Dislike

Kermit Cohen says:

I saw this commercial back in 2011, but it feels like I saw it back when I was born

Jayden Nixon says:

If leaves are Nissan LEAFs

Gilles Lejannou says:

Innovation for the planet, humanity, peace, health, for so many things, electric car are the futur

Kenyon papen says:

Go fuck yourself you know you're not actually helping the environment because of the production of the car I mean it's not as bad as the Prius but still terrible my car is a 1979 ford bronco I guarantee it hasn't made as much emissions in it's life is that car has made in production so in short all you people at Nissan or complete retards who have no idea how to build a real car if you want good build something enjoyable to drive because your GTR also has so much lag that is probably as slow as this garbage so I guarantee you've wasted over 100,000 gallons of gas for each car before it even gets to the dealership

Leonard Heron says:

honestly I low-key want a computer you can rev up that would be so sick

Jasper Shapiro says:

Oh my god this is an AMAZING ad!!! I also love the little jab at the Chevy Volt. 🙂

Huntington CALM says:

2 cycle gas lawn equipment are hazardous to you health and annoying as hell. There are now alternatives. Lithium Ion technology as well as more efficient electric motors and fan design allows for a much longer run time between charges. This is the wave of the future.

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