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Nissan Leaf hatchback review – CarBuyer

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Full review: www.carbuyer.co.uk/reviews/nissan/leaf/hatchback/review

Could this be the car of the future? The Nissan Leaf is the first mainstream production car designed to be powered purely by electricity. It emits zero CO2 and can be charged at home from a standard socket. The car’s exterior is shaped to cheat wind resistance, hence the elongated tail. The lithium-ion battery pack is stored in the floor of the car, which means lots of space inside.

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swimguy1977 says:

Electric cars make no sense you might be able to do 100 miles on a charge if you're luckly and then you have to charge it up which takes forever. I have a high performance diesel car which does about 55 mpg and over 500 miles on a tank full of diesel. I won't be getting an electric car anytime soon, I'll be sticking to diesels and the modern common rail diesels llike my one are now very clean.

232 DjordjeA says:

Is Leaf a successor to Prius?
Just kidding i dont know lol

Kevin Chamberlain says:

Zero Tailpipe Emissions = Emissions at the powerstation providing the charge. Not cleaner than an IC engine, just spews it's filth elsewhere… Hydrogen engines are the way forward but will never happen because corrupt government.

Ima Hinasyon says:

Any Electrical engineers around?
I am a bit confused on the energy capacity of this car, they say it's 30 kWh battery pack, and the motor is at 80 kW rating, means that it consumes 80000 joules per second. Thus, 30kWh = 108 MJ divided by the 80000 J/s, which gets only 22.5 minutes of use, before charging again…

Pete Coventry says:

Yeah you keep saying it has Zero tailpipe emissions, but not once have you said it does NOT have a ruddy tailpipe!

smart cars says:

Nissan Leaf is a very convenient car especially for short commutes

KK89 says:

This car has a sat nav, seats, door handle and what's the most amazing.. FOLDABLE REAR SEATS! So you can maximize your boot space! Amazing!!1

R Down says:

What nonsense. Drives like a V6? Even the stated performance means it can just about compete with a loaded white van away from the lights. Based on being stuck behind a few of these I can also tell you they really struggle to maintain road speed on hills. Basically, the horsepower figure is meaningless because that's not how electric motors work.

Liam Doyle says:

ave a 2015 leaf tekna , for the first six months it was a dream but travelling home in heavy rain in early sept when I got home the car charged for ten mins and shut down I disconnected and it started charging , the next morning it had a 6% charge so I left it at home assuming moisture in the charge point. Three days later and it still wouldn't charge so it was recovered to the main dealer , four days pass and I get a call to say that some fault codes had been cleared and it would be fine, I drove it home and again it would not charge so was recovered again , another week later was told it had no fault and to collect it, then the same again recovery truck and back at the dealer. This time they have it for six weeks and tell me there is nothing wrong , so I collect it and drive to the services where it did charge but took a long time to reach 80% (about1 hour) then I went to work in the car and tried to top up the charge on a domestic three pin plug where it stopped charging at 64% at this point Nissan did not want to know , so I approached rci finance who took nearly a month to tell me as no fault had been found there was nothing they could do re termination of my PCP or replacement of the car .since then I have had numerous discussions with Nissan customer services with my case manager Richard Brown who has been very courteous and polite but now wants it to go to another dealer to be checked . I have now refused this as I seriously want out of this nightmare car and feel it unjust that they should want to try and fix my car at my expense, I am six months down the line and have paid and insured for something I cannot use , I now understand that I am not the only person to have had issues and want to speak to others with problems in the hope that we can gain enough momentum to get some resolve to the car that can't be fixed !! I now seem to be left with the only option of consumer rights television programmes , trading standards and recourse to law , if all else fails I will have the car sign written with all its issues and park it in prominent places to gain as much publicity as I can , I have been a huge advocate of the Ev programme to date with other family members buying leaf , but now I feel totally let down by Nissan uk and the dealership network .

E I N S says:

stupid useless car

John Munro says:

Christ,you can pick these up used for as little as £6k now. wonder whether the battery loses any range, because I could probably live with this for getting to and from work.

Cheyanne M.C-G says:

can you review the nissan juke sl with the light package where the it lights up different colours

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