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Nissan Leaf iAd announcement!

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Nissan has a new video together for the Nissan Leaf and the iAd integration for Iphone and Ipad. I just got this sent to me as a pre-release! Check it out! Brought to you by http://www.LeafOwner.com

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emmanuel wol says:

is it just me or is he compleatly holding the i phone still

aldof says:

@Error0419 adception. lol

Error0419 says:

@zaxalon It's inception!!!!

moochincrawdad says:

Surely there must be better, more cost effective ways to advertise, Nissan spent a fortune developing this iAd, then another fortune to Apple for exclusive access to their iDevices and then another fortune making this video, all that to reach a splash of the target audience.

What about electronic billboards in airports, train stations, bus stations, surely this would reach a greater number of people?

Taylor B says:

What about android?

N M says:

It's an ad for an ad. Pathetic.

Stefano Fontana says:

@emagrev what you mean?

franki3Ru550 says:

Every new car that comes out these days, are either " it's so ugly, ugly shape". What's new people

franki3Ru550 says:

The car looks futuristic

Mindplague says:

No flash? hahahaha.

matteolegna says:

@lorenzomarri not fake, just a photo

Gregory A. Parker Sr. says:

@archyology They have ads on them? For some reason since using Ad-Free I haven't gotten any ads. I thought they had given up on it. Well, live and learn… ha ha ha

Nanotech11 says:

@Carmador The word "peace bomb" is such a paradox.

Nanotech11 says:

Are those fingers fake!? They sure seem like it (the ones holding the iphone)

Alek says:

@emagrev still has full bars 😀

Allan Soutaris says:

how is that reception going? hands are all over the ariel.

ThisIsTheEndPt2 says:

Apple believes that iPhone owners are clammering to view banner ads on their phones???

All that ad content is educatinal and informative but unless you touch the tiny boring banner you won't see anything. Will wait to see if this iAd thing is useful at all.

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