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Nissan LEAF Test Drive and Review

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Nissan LEAF Test Drive & Review-

Green Energy News had the recent pleasure of test driving the brand spankin’ new, highly-anticipated zero emission vehicle (ZEV) developed by Nissan, dubbed LEAF – or Leading, Environmentally Friendly, Affordable, Family Car. Mark Perry, Director of Product Planning for Nissan North America, talks about the vision behind the Nissan LEAF and touches on it’s eco-friendly features, cost/price, battery/charging information, and availability.

The LEAF we drove is a pre-production prototype… basically the production model. This is NOT a “mule” or the VERSA “shell” which was making a tour across the US earlier this year.

Design: Smooth lines, aerodynamic, and pleasing to look at. The LEAF might not be the most eye-catching car on the road, but we feel like it will appeal to most consumers in the compact car market. We saw it as a cross between a luxury crossover SUV (think Lexus RX 350), a Toyota Matrix, and the Nissan Versa.

Performance- The 107 HP (80kw) motor puts out 206 lb-ft of torque which is readily available at 0 MPH! We were more than surprised with the amount of pep the LEAF showed off the line. At moderate speeds (approx 45 MPH) the LEAF had NO problems passing other vehicles with minimal efforts. Towards the end of the video, you can see the LEAF accelerating into a right turn, reaching speeds of almost 50 MPH from a creeping start with ease. The LEAF is responsive and fun to drive. Is it a sportscar… NO! Is it more fun to drive than a traditional compact… BY FAR! Handling is wonderful- the lithium ion battery pack is center mounted under the vehicle creating even balance and sturdy handling. Try it for yourself… this thing is FUN to drive!

Price- $32,000 might be a little steep for us, but after $7,500 in federal rebates/incentives… the LEAF is right up our alley. With California giving us an additional $5,000 in rebates, the LEAF would be a steal at just under $20k! Considering the Chevy Volt is priced around $40k before rebates/incentives, and DOESN’T qualify for the additional $5k rebate in CA due to it’s gasoline engine/generator, the LEAF looks like a solid deal.

FULL review available at Green Energy News (http://www.renewable-energy-news.info/ )

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SumoAnnoy says:

30 minutes for a quick full charge, right? So, means you're empty (discharged) for some reason.

Seems pretty straightforward to just charge the car when you're not using it at home or the like. Only setback really to that is capacity for the price, so you can't go as far between recharges.

Vee says:

Gotta say, love this electric car…. but i'm not sure how safe i feel about it being made from recycled plastic bottles lol.

gmo kills says:

The roof should be all solar panel not just the little thing also there should be an option for little trailer with diesel/gas alternator to charge the batteries if u on a long trip, say 1000 miles, otherwise the car is perfect, also what about the winter? Do batteries perform the same or they need to be heated somehow?

thomas3463 says:

I know it has a radiator; but Im not sure if it cools the batteries or just the motor.

Allen Natian says:

Ever thought of shipping? My guess (and I might be wrong) is that due to AU's size, there arent many vehicle manufacturing plants there so they have to import all cars in whole. There is your up the ass price

But I might be wrong. Anyone feel free to correct me on this.

Brandon Hickey says:

38000 in canada

dodgykernt says:



Dan Frederiksen says:

Listening to this guy's enthusiasm I'd guess he quit because he wouldn't be part of lying about the battery problem, not because he was fired for doing something wrong. It's a very unfortunate decision Nissan is making, to maintain a front of lies. They should really have learned fro Who Killed the Electric Car that you don't try to fool the smartest people in the world with obvious lies.

Naughty Goat Farm says:

I'd rather have a Volt or Twizy

starview1 says:

Appeares to have some issues, as the batteries have been failing off sooner than expected not to mention it costs over $10,000.00 for a replacement battery,likely the ford or the volt is a better choice as they have more options,if you really want an electric type car.


so if you dont have a garage ur fucked?

echofilms says:

Nissan not Nisson you idiot

Mike Conkey says:

1:06 passes mustang… Hahaha


when this car will be available in bangladesh???i want to just own this car!!!

GBWiz says:

no, owning one is gay….. get it right….

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