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NO WAY! The Koenigsegg Regera at Fuel Run!

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Went to check out the start point of Fuel Run and there was a Koenigsegg Regera! The maker Christian Von Koenigsegg was also there along with 6 other Koenigseggs!!! Be sure to check out my Fuel Run starting video to see those. Thanks for watching!


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george k says:

Good car but for me nothing can't touch Ferrari's cars.

trash post says:

looks like alien ship, sounds like WW1 Plane

Matthew Hynds says:

Best looking current generation supercar.

juergen sl says:

Any snow chains for that car?

zzzzzsleeping says:

after all, I will still beat this car in any road course in the USA with my barely 450HP Ariel Atom — see you in chicane and apexes

Car Fans says:

This carmaker is to be congratulated!!!

Zawaprz says:

kacapy i szwaby udupili nasza technologie na 70 lat… tak wyglada ta rozniica… niestety

Ctuchik says:

Those fins at the back needs a warning sticker to prevent some American from poking his eyes out….

Diego Martín Lafuente says:

Horrible color pattern.

Juan Carlos Damonte says:

The rims are like biohazard logo.

GUD YANG says:

Was recently at their headquarters and saw the entire process of making one of these. I'm not even that into cars but this stuff is just magic

Belnick6666 says:

programmer looks camera shy 😛

DjTilup says:

what a piece of art

Juan Amaral says:

You see that car and expect a viking to step out of it. It looks as scandinavian as it can, and it's gorgeous.

John Reece says:

lol! Anyone else notice that there weren't any women?

BoRaXiN72 Travel In Turkey 4K says:

I have one, driving it every day and night (in NFS Payback)

David Tang says:

It is so beautiful ?

Tibet says:

That car did not deserve those ugly vents.

王智轩 says:

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